ThanksGiving Laughs and What Are You Grateful For…?

After watching the video and getting a few laughs, let us know what you are grateful for in the comments section below…

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  • Hi Everyone!

    I’m grateful for so many things right now….

    The one I want to highlight is you, this community.
    Thanks for making what I do such a pleasure, and
    have a Grateful ThanksGiving…

    ~ Jeff

  • Charles I. Prosper

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    I appreciate the Thanksgiving wish from you. I wish blessings to you and yours as well. The video? A little tasteless. (You did ask for my comment.)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Charles I. Prosper

    • Hey Charles

      Thanks for the holiday wishes, and the same backatcha to you are yours…

      And yeah about the video…

      ~ Jeff

  • Just a simple “Thank You” to you for all the help and advice you have provided over the past year. Hope your Thanksgiving is extra special this year!
    All the best, Bill

  • Too funny! Thanks for all your help to make my business better.

  • Ute Goldkuhle

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    Thank you for not giving up on this grandma, moving along like a tortoise but moving forward!! I really appreciate you and sharing some humor!

  • Thankful for your inspiration, Jeff. I submitted my article to the day before Thanksgiving. Your webinar is where I came up with the outline. I think it’s the best because your webinar was the best. (The one on 3 Most common Mistakes …)

    Grateful for all those who follow you, also, or there wouldn’t be webinars, right?
    Thanks a bunch.


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