TEMPLATE TUESDAY – How to Leverage the 3 Stages Template For More Traffic & Profits

I’m about to give you step by step instructions on how to create one of your most compelling traffic and profit pulling pieces of content. But first come back with me to 1995. I had been writing a weekly syndicated relationship column for the newspapers for about a year.

One day I noticed that many of my clients would report feeling anxious about the coming work week as Sunday afternoon turned into Sunday evening. Happens to all of us from time to time, right?

So I coined the term “Sunday Night Syndrome” and wrote an article about it. Thus was born the “3 Stages Article Template” that I use often as a relationship coach and even more often as an Online Mentor teaching since 2005.

How you can use it

Here’s a few tips on creating your own “3 Stages” articles to pull in the traffic and the profits:

1) Identify a specific problem in your niche. Click here to read the rest of the article and to get your 2 Free Instant Article Creation Templates…

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