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Before you get there though, I want to tell you  about what  is coming up!

This teleseminar is the first in a series of 3 on the Power of Repurposing.

While this one focuses on 7 ways to repurpose your content in text, the second one
will focus on 7 ways to repurpose your content in audio, and the third on
7 ways to repurpose your content in video.

Each teleseminar will be $27 a piece. If you take advantage right now of
this One Time Offer, you can get both telelseminars, 7 Ways to Repurpose
Your Content in Audio & 7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content in Video, for
the price of one – ONLY $27!

As this is a One Time Offer, it will not be available again. If after the first
teleseminar you decide you want to listen to the next 2, it will cost you $27

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article marketing teleseminar
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The Top 7 Ways to Repurpose
Your Article Content in Text

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In this 60 minute webinar you’ll learn & discover:

  • The Life Changing Definition of Repurposing
  • The Incredible Reach of Repurposing
  • 7 Powerful Ways to Repurpose Your Article Content in Text
  • How to Keep the Learning Going
  • And of course a whole lot more!

See you on the TeleSeminar!


Go Get This Stuff and Go Use This Stuff!

PS – Click here to take advantage of the 2 for 1 One Time Offer on 2 TeleSeminars for the investment of 1!



  • So we already have people signed up and Regina just enabled comments – so go ahead and ask Jeff your questions for this call!

  • Chris

    Reply Reply

    Can you recommend a system of keeping track of what has been written and re purposed


    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Chris – At present I just keep it all in my head, but your question has encouraged me to create a system for the upcoming course. Thanks!

      ~ Jeff

  • 1. Do we have dates yet for the next two teleseminars?
    2. If we are not among the first 200, will we be able to download the teleseminars?

  • Great teleseminar topic, and great to see you practice what you preach. Watching what you’ve done so far with the repurposing article, teleseminar and upsell is a clinic all on it’s own.

    Like Chris, I’d like to see a reliable system for tracking what has been repurposed, by whom, and where has it been placed, and any other data you believe is important. (I’m guessing that this would be done with an excel sheet?).

    I’d also like to know how to track the leads from your content, i.e. those who clicked on the links in your content, to see which piece is converting the best.

    I’d like to get your input on using outsourcing to help with our repurposing efforts, and how to streamline the work.

    For me, I really want to have actionable systems, not simply hear, ‘here’s a good idea, rewrite your article and place it on different article directories’ (or some other idea). I’d like to have the nuts and bolts on how to do it presented in a step-by-step fashion.

    I‘m even willing to have you cover a couple really good repurposing methods and provide detailed step-by-step systems (PDF’s, videos, and or checklists), than have you briefly share 7 or 100 repurposing methods. I strongly feel that doing this will be beneficial for you, too, because it will give us everything we need to follow your motto, and Go Use This Stuff. This will result in more success for us, and more successful students for you. This should lead to greater repeat business, and using the testimonials strategically will help you sell new leads and prospects on your trainings.

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Bill – The next two teleseminars will be:

    Audio – Wed. 2/16 – 8:30 pm EST

    Video – Wed. 2/23 – 8:30 pm EST

    with replays of each on the following Friday at 2 pm EST

    The Audio Replay and down loadable mp3 audio will be available to all, and the first 200 to register get the CD. And I can tell you that you were among the first 200…congrats!

    PS – And I can tell you that their is a course coming that goes even deeper than these calls…

    • Thanks Jeff
      Also I received a copy of your “Social Marketing Money Insider’s Update” today! It looks great!
      All the best, Bill

      • Jeff Herring

        Reply Reply

        Bill – Your welcome. Great on getting the newsletter – enjoy. We have some very special Mindset strategies coming up in the March issue so stay tuned…

        ~ Jeff

  • Thanks for taking my, and other’s, input into consideration when delivering this teleseminar.


    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Ray – You got it! Thanks for reaching out with your input and suggestions…

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