Profitable Facebook Engagement – 3 Social Sucking Mistakes Most Marketers Make on Facebook (Do You?)

Facebook is a great way to engage with prospects and current customers. And you do want to engage with your prospects and customers, don’t you? The challenge is most entrepreneurs fail to engage properly when they make the following three crucial Facebook engagement mistakes. 3 Facebook Engagement Mistakes Facebook Engagement Mistake #1 – Trying to sell…

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Practical Social Marketing Tips – The Top 7 Signs You Are Too Plugged In To Social Media

Social Media Marketing gives us the opportunity to be more plugged in than ever. In our increasingly “plugged in” culture there are some who question whether it is possible to become too plugged in. For example, an Australian mother, Susan Maushart, took her entire family, including 3 teenagers, off of electronics for 6 months. She…

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