Whether you can’t go a day without watching sports or have never watched a game in your life, there is so much you can get out of this video with 30 quotes from Coach John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach who died this week at 99.

One of the things he is known for is requiring the best from himself and his players. And I just love how he redefines success. Thanks for the wisdom, and for the example, Coach.

As always, you are invited to join in the conversation by leaving your comments here on the blog. Perhaps you can share which of the many lessons in this video you are going to use…

I had originally used another video about Coach John Wooden this morning, and then I saw the one Ken Donaldson had created, and his is just better, so that is what I chose to deliver to you. To thank Ken, please follow him on Twitter at and check out his blog at

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