This video calls it “your one thing.” Some call it your “driving force.” I like to think of it as my “Big Reason Why.”

Whatever you call it, the goal of this short little “Sunday Morning Inspiration” is for you to find yours. Because once you find your “one thing,” you have found what will get you up early, keep you up late, with a big grin on your face most of the time.

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  • Jeff,

    So very true. If you don't have that one goal or one thing that is the driving force, you will never see it through. We see it all the time with so many marketing resources and tools so readily available but so few really driven enough to take advantage of them

  • It's not easy to figure out that one thing but I think it's important not to give up trying and having fun on the way.


  • Afternoon Jeff
    Amazing what you can pull from a 30 second clip within a comedic movie. Just like Napoleon Hill has stated you must have a Definitive Purpose. Funny, I always thought mine was to get up and go to work to pay off the mortgage…now its to help people succeed and have fun doing it…kind of like you
    By the way the traffic triangle webinar the other night was fantastic, and I've already begun to implement this strategy.

  • Hi Jeff, Great Reminder!!

    What is yours, by the way?

    I do know mine, although it is flexible, and all-inclusive, and can be different wording, but I've sorta known it since I was about 15!
    Can't wait to see you in Atlanta, just a few days from now!

  • Charles Prosper

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    I have only one word to say – "Wow!" Just what I needed to hear at just the right time. Thank you SO much!!!


  • Mary Elliot

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    I think I'm homing in on it – I just need a pair of blinkers to stop me getting sidetracked!

    Enjoying your insights, Jeff – thanks.


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    • Mary,

      To help yourself from getting sidetracked, I find it helps to make a plan. Keep referring to your plan and take action. Keep a positive mind-set going as well.

      …and follow Jeff's killer advice, too!

      It will happen,
      Mac Bull

  • Jeff-great video! This is so true. when you decide what that "one thing" is and use it as the focus for everything you do it is amazing how much you get done!

    My "one thing" and the Secret to My Life is: Leaving Legacy for my Daughters

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • Hello Jeff,

    My secret is following my passion.

    Good luck to all,
    Mac Bull

  • Tom Cosgrove

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    My challenge is to focus on that one thing as there are so many opportunities that are soooo enticing; I've started to focus on article marketing and seeing results (links, comments, ratings etc) and will continue to explore as I do like to write. Thanks Jeff for the inspiration and being a great resource.

  • Steve

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    We all have the possibility to have an Infinite life! The Possibilities are Infinite, but in order to do anything we have to go after the one thing! How true it is!

  • Hi Jeff – This is a really great reminder. My one thing is BEE-ing a Catalyst For Spiritual Growth.

    P.S. About a year ago you sent out a great football motivational video. The last line was, "Coach, I weigh 160" could you please send that out again.

    Alan Hickman

  • Ah yes the one thing. It can drive people crazy finding it. There was a campaign one time that had bill boards asking if you have "found it" So "it" must be important right? YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT. For without it you are lost and you will not even know why you just know something is missing. My passion is helping others find that one thing. We go about it in many different ways but it always comes down to "that place, that one thing" that makes getting up in the morning a JOY and puts a smile on your face when you rest at night. If you get within three feet of me you will know what mine is, I live it, I breath it, and I walk my talk.

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