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  • Liz

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    Jeff, this is fantastic. I can’t watch it often enough. IT is so right. The little extra effort makes all the difference in the world for the outcome to be total success. Thank you so much for the reminder and you have a great sunday also.

  • Well, looks like I’m the first to comment. I’m a marketer/public speaker ( and learned about you from Tom Antion. 212 video is a great reminder of what I’ve heard before but need to keep at the forfront of my mind. In this economy in what is still the greatest nation in the world depends on people going that extra nth degree. I remind those who are “jobless” that when you are buying a drill, you don’t need a drill, you need holes. And likewise, when you are looking for a job, you are really looking for a job; you are looking for income. There is a difference! Change your attitude and change (and currency) fills your pockets!

    I also teach and online Oral Communications course and a link to your blog will be in my next online announcement to them.

    Thanks for all you do, Jeff!

    Make it a great day, Ter Scott!

  • Cassandra "D.I.V.A. of Dialog" Lee

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    Thanks Jeff, I needed that! What a great reminder on a Sunday morning. It’s a perfect illustration of how much a little extra effort can go a long way in producing amazing results. Thanks for sharing. I will make sure that I do the same.

  • OOPS! Addendum to my comment; I guess I should edit before submitting for better clarity. When I spoke about looking for a job, I meant that are really “not” looking for a job, but are looking for income.

  • You send us such inspirational videos. It’s so true, the things you accomplish in life = the amount of effort you put into them! You must always be willing to forge ahead, no matter how high the hill seems (like raising teenagers!). Sometimes I get stuck in neutral gear and think I should just go find a job, but that is not ultimately what I desire, so on I go. Thanks for your inspiration.

  • Years ago I had a client who bought the book for all of her staff (close to 100) because she so loved the story. It’s amazing how one degree in anything can make all the difference in the world.

    Today is the day to put one degree more into all we do. Joy, fun, love, giving, centeredness and vision.

  • I agree Kathleen we need to apply this to EVERYTHING we do!

    There is always room to turn it up yet one more degree!

  • Liana Carbon

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    Jeff, thanks so much for sharing this great inspiration. I was feeling low about how things were progressing, and this is the very shot in the arm to propel me to the “next” degree. How true that just that little oomph can make all the difference! Thanks so much!


  • I love this movie and it always help me get through the “hills” Cathy’s talking about… a great reminder that an extra push in the right things can make ALL the difference…

    Kathleen & Carla, Looking forward to seeing you both soon at nams 4!

  • Great inforrmation

  • You know, this is very much in line with my recent attempts to get fit.

    After years of being inert and feeling the results of it, I took up a walking/jogging regimen. And even after weeks of doing this, I still have moments when my heart is pumping, my breath is short, and I can barely shuffle along.

    But I chant, “just keep moving.”

    Just keep moving, keep working, keep putting your feet down. Just a little more, just a bit further, just a bit faster.

    After all, it’s that last bit of energy that means the difference between hot water and Steam Power.

    Thanks for the link, Jeff. That’s some powerful stuff.


  • Piya Khanna

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    Great video Jeff – thank you so much, it came at the right time for me!

  • Diane C

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    I was amazed at the video. It was absolutely wonderful video. The economy now is really hard so watching your video opens my eyes a little bit better. I learned about your site from Ter Scott.
    Thanks Again
    Diane C
    Oral communications

  • Ostara Groeschel

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    This is a great video and also inspiring. I had to watch it a few times , because it just made me feel like anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and if you go the extra mile it will be worth it. Just doing the job is OK, but doing the extra stuff is even better. We sometimes forget this, it’s great to have a reminder. Thanks! Great job. I’m in Ter Scott’s class and he gave us this link to check out for extra credit. I’m glad I did, not just for the points, but for the inspiration. Thanks again.
    Ostara Groeschel

  • Michael Boone

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    Hey yeah, that was pretty cool. Thanks for the video clip, I got the link from my instructor Ter Scott, I’m in his Oral Communication class. It’s been interesting so far. Have a good day, thanks again. Mike Boone

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