All my life, friends have been very important to me…sort of my “family of choice.” So one of the many cool things about the Internet and especially Social Marketing is the ability to more easily keep up with old friends and make new ones.

So it was so great in the spring of ’09 for Maritza and I, and Mike & Susan Stewart to vacation in the wine country with Pat & Lorna Shanks, internet friends who became real life friends, after Alex Mandossian’s  TeleSeminar Secrets Reunion in San Francisco.

So I was delighted when, thanks to their presence on Twitter, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel went to war with them over number of followers. Since they are both faculty members and students of our Social Marketing Blueprint course, I was thrilled from a professional point of view about their success. You just can’t get this kind of PR for FREE anywhere else but with Social Marketing.

I was even more pleased as their friend, because they really are such cool people…

So check out the video below on Jimmy Kimmel vs. Pat & Lorna. Then go follow Pat & Lorna at

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