Sunday Morning Inspiration: The Butterfly Effect – Why You Matter

If you ever get to thinking that what you
do does not matter, then I want you to come back
and watch this video for a little shift in perspective…

As always, I invite and value your thoughts and comments…

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  • Jeff- Great stuff for the New Year…I apssed it on to my peeps.



  • Jeff…

    That was interesting…

    It is something for use all to think about, the fact that even the smallest of actions has an effect on us, those around us and the world.

    That also means when we dont take action (which is a cognative though, thus an action), has an effect.


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  • We see the adaptation of the Butterfly Effect in Marketing with Mike Filsaimes product "Butterfly Marketing' based on the same premise that small incremental changes in your sales funnel and business model result in enormous positive changes of monetary significance. However, pulling back and being reminded that this effect is just as prevalent on our interactions as people in order to foster the increase of "harmony" among us is always welcome for the bigger picture and of greater importance. Thanks for the reminder Jeff.

  • If I would not have already picked a symbol for this year..(I picked a monkey because they just bring me joy when I see them)..I would be picking a butterfly to remind me of what the video said! So this year is my year of the monkey…next year…the year of the butterfly! Wait maybe I could have a monkey with a butterfly on her shoulder! Need to give that some thought… 🙂

  • I'm glad to know it's a proven physical law as well as something written about by a marketer a few years ago. And, yes, I can see how knowing of the Butterfly Effect will bring me comfort and inspiration during moments when fear and doubt surface (usually when I'm tired, which I now recognize and either do something else or sleep to recharge.)

    One such place where I see this will help me is when I wonder how I will succeed in a noisy and crowded marketplace. I'm still here. I do have something special to contribute, something only I can say in my way that will touch, help, and transform others. Remembering this will help me "pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again." I hope it does the same for you.

    The Energizer Bonnie

  • elizabeth harrington

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    Good Morning Jeff! Thank-you for such an inspirational wake-up message this morning..sitting by the fire, enjoying the quiet of an early Sunday morning…this is the message I was meant to hear. I am going to listen to it again as a matter of fact as I believe this is the best way to start a day and an even better message to start 2010 off. Thanks again for all you do to add value to your community.

  • Had not heard of Andy Andrews but will learn more…this was an excellent uplifting message. I'll share with the members of my Staying Positive Society (


  • Thank You Jeff, for this sharing this video. I am proud to say that I met Andy Andrew back in the 90"s when we were both building a different business and learned many of my current success principles from his model. I recently did a post on him after finding him on Twitter at For those who do not know who Andy Andrews is, I recommend that you watch this video and read his material as it can and will cjhange your life. Mine was one that was changed and I appreciate every moment that I can be associated in any way with Andy and Jeff. My New Years hat is off to you Jeff.

  • I totally concur and many times our actions effect others and we never know it. I provide information to travelers coming to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. People I never meet contact me after the fact thanking me for making their journey easier.

    I must have a mission to complete. I have had several occassions where something happened that could have or maybe should have resulted in me no longer being here but still here I am.

  • Robin Carlisle

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    Thanks, Jeff, for reminding me of the The Butterfly Effect. I laughed when he said we're all either coming out of a crisis, in a crisis, or heading toward a crisis. So if I'm still here, I must not be finished yet. Brings me comfort, a chuckle and a scrunched up brow trying to determine just what the heckledoodles I'm going to do to flap my little butterfly wings in a positive direction today. Thanks for fluttering my way today! Happy New Year!

  • Jeff,
    The Butterfly Effect is the Law of Attraction in reverse! – And in tandem! Both actions happen simultaneously. With each small action we do, even if it simply to set an intention in our mind, we set in motion waves of multiplying effects. And those waves of effects ripple back to us in miraculous ways we could never have imagined. You can read my explanation of the Butterfly Effect (also the name of the National Association of Entrepreneurs Newsletter) at

  • One of my favorite quotes is from Richard Bach in his book, "Illusions."

    "If you're wondering if your mission on earth is complete, and you're still here. It isn't."

    I continue to enjoy your material! Thanks.

    All the best,

    Tom Justin

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