Article Marketing Guy Presents Another SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION – Secretariat – “It’s Who You Are”

Strangely enough, I had never seen the movie “Secretariat.”

So Friday finds us driving out to San Antonio from Atlanta to do a 2 day Platinum MasterMind Group at the Hacienda. We had just gassed up, got something to eat, and walked the dogs. We get back on the interstate near Baton Rouge and come to a complete stop.

Bad wreck with fatalities up ahead. Road shut down for at least two hours.

So after we prayed a bit, we began to look around at the folks around us. Lots of pissing and moaning about the wait,  lots of miserable and angry folks.

We decided not to participate in that stuff. So we grabbed one of the iPads and watched “Secretariat.” So much heart in that movie.

Here’s a video that captures it well. Your thoughts and comments are always encouraged as you join in the conversation here on the blog…

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  • Schweet! And very, very awesomonious too!

    Thanks, Jeff.

  • Great Video, Great Encouragement!

    Sometimes its the difference in who we REALLY are, that makes ALL the difference. If we can learn to be the best ME that we can be, we will never try to be a duplicate of someone else and in the process find our mission. GLORY!

    Love seeing these each Sunday.

    Bless You!!!

    In Him,
    JMb < Bishop James 'I Feel God' Brown The Internet's Favorite Pastor Visit My Blog – Kingdom Ministry

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  • Loved that movie! Of course, I’m an equestrian and even tried saving some race horses from slaughter and have always ridden thoroughbreds. But the message in the song was lovely and inspirational. The story of Secretariat and his owner was inspirational as well. We should all have hearts so big and run so hard for what we love and believe in. In the process we will show and become who we really are.

  • Hi Jeff,

    What a lovely and inspirational video. Thanks for putting it out here for all of us! Spending your time with this was a great way to use that time which others chose to give to frustration. Thank you for sharing.

  • Elizabeth Barhydt

    Reply Reply

    thank you for the great movie
    WE have to know who we are

  • Thanks, Jeff – looks like a good family movie to watch with my kids.
    Great meeting you and Maritza in Chicago recently, and hope the Platinum meet went well.

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Steve – would be great for the kids. Funny thing, the traffic jam cleared up before the end of the movie, and we still need to catch the end…

      Really enjoyed meeting you and your daughter in Chicago. The Platinum event was awesome, thanks.

      I’ll be in touch very soon – I think there are some cool things we can do together…

      ~ Jeff

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