Article Marketing Guy Presents Another SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION – Secretariat – “It’s Who You Are”

Strangely enough, I had never seen the movie “Secretariat.”

So Friday finds us driving out to San Antonio from Atlanta to do a 2 day Platinum MasterMind Group at the Hacienda. We had just gassed up, got something to eat, and walked the dogs. We get back on the interstate near Baton Rouge and come to a complete stop.

Bad wreck with fatalities up ahead. Road shut down for at least two hours.

So after we prayed a bit, we began to look around at the folks around us. Lots of pissing and moaning about the wait,  lots of miserable and angry folks.

We decided not to participate in that stuff. So we grabbed one of the iPads and watched “Secretariat.” So much heart in that movie.

Here’s a video that captures it well. Your thoughts and comments are always encouraged as you join in the conversation here on the blog…

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