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  • Martin

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    Hi Jeff
    Thanks for the great info and help…

  • “Remember The Titans” always brings a tear to my eye, even though I know every scene that’s coming!
    Whenever it is on, I make my kids (11 yr old twins) watch it, because I remember those times – and they don’t.
    I have had a lot of “worldly” success, but when people ask me what I am proudest of, it is that my kids do NOT refer to their classmates or friends by race or skin color. They will say “She’s the girl with the long hair” or “he’s the boy who was running around.” But they have never said “She’s the Chinese girl” or “he’s the brown boy.”

  • Kevin

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    Every time I hear Amazing Grace it brings tears to my eyes. This rendition is particularly beautiful. Can you please respond and let us know who performed it? Are we all looking forward to the end of an era, and the beginning of a new and very powerful time of learning, loving, and taking correct action to improve our world? I hope so; it is going to be very chaotic as the current systems are taken down, but watching (and being a part of) the new systems being put in place is going to be absolutely spectacular. Kind of a preamble to the new age as this age ends, is watching science and religion merge. What a thrill. What a time to be alive in human history.

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