One part of success is discovering what you are not good at…

Another part of success is discovering what you are good at…

I like this kid’s attitude…

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  • Sue

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    Love it Jeff! Thanks for sharing this inspirational video re: perspective and perception. A great way to start the week…

  • Hey Jeff,

    thanks for the video, in my communication training i say “if you want to be successful, learn how to communicate with others, if you want to happy, learn how to communicate with yourself… if want a great life – learn both!”

    the kid knew how to communicate with himself for sure. anyway it’s been a long time since we saw each other at Alex’s training, I hope to see somewhere soon.

    Live and love with courage and compassion,

    Paul Sterling

  • Great video, I actually thought about the song ” The Greatest” by Kenny Rogers when I watched it. I too love the optimism shown. If something doesn’t work out the way you intend it too, sometimes it is just because we need to look at it in a different light.

    Have a great day
    Jerry “The Bicycle Nut” Goodwin

  • I can always depend on you Jeff! I was totally surprised by the end. Simply great!

  • Michel Lautensack

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    Very good and so simple!

  • Tom Brooks

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    Jeff – appreciate your inspirational story! Glad to think like this
    today – Of course 40 some years ago, as a young baseball player – I could
    of used this WAY OF THINKING! It is never to late! Thanks again..

  • Niki

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    Hi Jeff – you put a smile on my face. thanks for this one.

  • Joyce Harrington

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    Great food for thought! Thanks, Joyce

  • Molly Nesham

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    So many parents are afraid of their kid’s “failure” that they fail to teach them how to be successful.

  • I love your consistency with these positive messages. I wish the kid didn’t see himself as “out” after 3 strikes, though. A coach, a second try, so many things can help us get over the first hurdle. Spin is as important as attitude, of course but so is perseverance, and I KNOW you’ve LIVED that one!!

  • Dr Joe

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    Hi Jeff,
    That was awesome. I grew up in a society where I did not know where I would end up I now know how to bring up my kids.
    Thank you.
    Dr Joe

  • Love that!!! Gotta know if you can’t hit your own pitches, you gotta be a great pitcher.

    The motivation in these videos brings great value. I keep stealing them for my Monday pitch hits. Nothing like a viral video to bring a Monday up to speed! Thanks!


  • Sunny James

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    great video we all need good inspiration!

    thanks Jeff


  • I LOVE that He knows he Is the GREATEST…..Thanks for the share Jeff!

  • Barbara Hawkins

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    Great video…brings a smile and an even brighter look for my day. And who can resist Celebration anyway! Thanks Jeff.

  • Jerry

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    I wanted to watch the video, but it’s not available any longer.


    • Jerry – it’s there, try again…

      ~ Jeff

    • Jerry

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      Yes, great video. If you have problems in one area try a different direction!

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