Larry Carlton is my favorite jazz guitarist, not only for the way he plays – for his amazing story also. A studio musician in the 70’s (Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell) he faced a choice – stay with the steady and lucrative role of session player, or pursue his dream of going solo and making a name for himself.

He chose his dream and fulfilled his dream in the 80’s. You might have heard him and not known it – Theme for “Hill Street Blues.”

While working on his next album – On Solid Ground – in the late 80’s he was shot in the throat by 2 teens outside of Room 335 his music studio. The shot shattered his vocal cords and caused huge nerve trauma.

Through intensive therapy and a great attitude, he finished the album and has gone on to shine for the last 20 years, living his dream all over the world in concerts and albums. He formed HIP – Helping Innocent People – helping victims of random gun violence.

One of the greatest guitar players ever, he turned tragedy into triumph and continues to live his dream. Watch his face as he plays – he just looks like someone who has overcome great adversity and loves what he is doing.

He is definitely On Solid Ground…

And he better come to the Atlanta area soon…

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