Sunday Morning Inspiration – My 2012 Manifesto

This is the perfect video for a New Year’s Day Sunday Morning Inspiration. I’m calling it my “2012 Manifesto” and after you watch it, maybe you will call it your 2012 Manifesto as well. Consider watching it every day this year, that’s what I’ll be doing…

UPDATE 1/3/12

Wow! I’ve got some great friends…

One of them was so moved by this video that he created his own notes from it, to refer to throughout the year.

He also gave me permission to share them with you here, completely unedited…

“Thanks for that Will Smith video link this morning. It’s what I needed as a primer this morning to begin planning for 2012. But I had to have it in writing, so I can review it daily. Here’s my notes, from that interview. Thanks again! And Happy Anniversary!!

Your words and thoughts have physical power

Greatness exists in all of us.

This is what I believe. And I’m willing to die for it. Period.

Don’t make things complex.

Talent vs. skill. Talent’s what you’re born with, skill is developed by hours and hours working on your craft.

Lay one brick at a time. If you’re building “a wall”, you don’t set out to build a wall. You say I’m gonna lay THIS ONE BRICK the best that I can, and soon you’ll have a wall.

Focus on making a difference. If you’re gonna be here, then there is a necessity to make a difference. Make every group you come in contact with, better.

Think: I want to do good. I want the world to be better, because I was here.

If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you are wasting your time. Your life will become better, by making other’s lives better.

Book: “The Alchemist”, by Paolo Cuelho – I can create whatever I wanna create.

YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE! The first step, before anyone else in the world is gonna believe it, is YOU have to believe it.

There is no reason to have a plan B, because it distracts from Plan A!

There is a certain delusional quality that all successful people have to have. You have to believe that something different, than what has happened previously, can happen and is gonna happen.

Confusious: He who says he CAN and he who says he can’t, are both right.

Being realistic, is the more commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Why would you be realistic? What’s the point of being realistic?

Instead, whatever goal or idea you have, simply think IT’S DONE. The second I decide it is to be, it’s already done. Now we just gotta wait for y’all to see…

Our thoughts, our dreams, our ideas, are physical. If we dream something, if we picture something and we commit ourselves to it, that is a physical thrust toward realization.

There’s a redemptive power, that making a choice has. Rather than feeling like you’re affected by all the things that are happening to you, make a choice, just DECIDE, what its goona, be, who you’re gonna be, how you’re gonna do it. Just DECIDE and from that point, the universe is gonna get out of your way.

FOCUS. Realize that to have the level of success that you wanna have, that its difficult to spread it out and do multiple things. It takes such a desperate, obsessive focus. You’ve got to focus with all of your fiber, all of your heart and all of your creativity.

Attack your fears.

Be willing to die for the truth. The truth is the only thing that’s ever gonna be constant.

Protect your dream. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you you can’t do something. You got a dream? You gotta protect it. People who can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.”

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