Sunday Morning Inspiration: “I Feel Happy of Myself”

So, what if, just what if, we could bring this same…flat out, child-like ELATION to what we accomplish each day..?

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Jeff Herring

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  • Shelley

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    Thanks Jeff! I needed that..”thumbs up everybody!!” 🙂

  • Hi Jeff, Thank you for posting. Very Inspirational!

  • That is how I felt when I gave birth to my first baby! A big sense of accomplishment. I ran up and down the beach yelling, “I did it! I did it!” No one thought I was a wild woman. It was winter, and no one else but me and the seagulls were there.

  • A friend on FB posted this yesterday, and I re-posted it. Yup, Jeff, it’s a keeper. Like you, I can’t help but feel buoyed up by his infectious enthusiasm! He has great heart, and I so appreciate modern technology that allows me to make his acquaintance!

  • I saw this clip on the news and had the same thought you did. The level of enthusiasm we have for life is our choice. I hope at the end of this week we all can say, “I am happy of myself!” And perhaps even happy for each other! Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

  • Bob Crawford

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    Awesome, Jeff! I am loving this video! Such unabashed happiness! We should all be as excited as this each time we take another step closer to our big dreams. Get fired up about your successes along the way and your life will keep getting bigger and brighter!

  • Dr. Debbie Thompson

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    This little boy is amazing! Can we bottle that and sell it? Thanks for sharing.

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