Sunday Morning Inspiration: How Far Can YOU Go?

I’ve featured this video before, and to motivate my students and members.
Since I’ve started this Sunday Morning Inspiration Series, it’s a natural.

Did you know I watch this video about once a month just as a reminder?

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  • Love the transformation of self doubt and peer pressure into self belief and peer respect. It took a courageous coach pulling the best out of that player, despite himself, for the dynamic to kick in.

    Jeff, you have a quote about hand holding and butt-kicking as a coach- could you repeat it for us here, please? And thanks for all your coaching TLC etc.

  • Great video Jeff. I've passed it on to my friend Linda Parkinson-Hardman, who's taken on a huge social media and charity challenge – see

  • That is amazing! When we don't think we can't do it, we don't we are the only one that puts limits on ourselves. When we truly want and believe in something we can and will have it and do it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Jeff Herring

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    It's human nature to limit ourselves and hold ourselves back. It's my belief that we can do much more and go much further than we think we can. Even if you do not like football (a whole other issue 😉 ) grab the point of the video and run with it….

    See you in the "end zone"


    • If you don't know you can't, you can do anything! Just like in this video. If the player had seen where he was going he never would have made it because he would think he couldn't. I love this video for that very reason.

  • I think all humanity is fascinated by how far we can 'take punishment'.
    And it is inspiring – I believe the main point of interest though is that
    the coach was giving every ounce of his own energy and intention

    United we keep going, divided we give up at the first sign of our minds
    crying out "stop this nonsense".

    To have a coach, a friend, a group, a crowd – wherever we can get help
    is more powerful than any manner of logic.

    Acknowledgement is a powerful factor indeed.

    That's why people can't just grab a template and run of with it – because
    they need to keep coming back for … for what?

    That's why Ecademy and are probably the only social networks
    worth joining to USE (others may be great marketing tools or short term
    solutions for loneliness). They provide a serious resource for having efforts

    Because in the end the guy was running on the energy of the whole group.
    Without the audience feeding the coach feeding the player….. Whereas the first
    run through was using the energy of competitiveness as reflected in the big
    dude's initial remark.

    Group effort, including coach / player relationship win out every time.

    Jackie Mackay

  • Ellen R. Norman

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    I first watched this video during your article marketing training, I have shared it will others, it is a testiment to persisitance, performanace and endurance. I just finished reading a chapter in Napoleon Hills Book Succeed and grow rich through persuasion. The chapter was about Delford Smith a man who lives these qualities.
    Jeff, thank you again for sharing and being a mentor anad role model for us.

  • Jenni Wright

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    This is a fantastic video of great coaching and also of human endurance. Love it! Bought Facing the Giants so we can watch it again and again!

  • Mike

    Reply Reply….

    Hi jeff

    Here is my inspiration every day

    New zealand All Blacks 84% winning recoed over 100 years…

  • Stephanie

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    Well, I actually watched this on Monday Morning and it will be my theme this week. Keep going, don't quit, I can and will do my best! Write that article, have that teleseminar, do whatever it takes to increase my conversion rates, increase my list, promote, promote, promote, market, market, market.

    Great inspiration, thanks for sharing Jeff!

  • Admin

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    It is easy to lie to ourselves and believe that we have given 100%. Seldom do we give all that we have but always use it as an excuse when we fail. Example: "I did everything I possibly could to make this project successful." Normally that is just not true.

    We put more limits on ourselves than anybody, even our worst enemies, would ever dream of doing.

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