SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION: “Have You Failed Enough to Be Successful?”

Failure is simply not the final grade unless you give up. Check out some of these “famous failures” who kept at it…then join in the conversation on the blog.

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  • great stuff. I especially love the Walt Disney one since when I think of creativity and imagination I think of Walt Disney.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing this video. It’s a great inspiration and reminder to keep trying, striving and not to give up on your passions and dreams.


  • Good to know we are in such great company!! Thanks for the uplift and reminder …

  • Grit and determination to succeed will always win the day :-). One of Abraham Lincolns greatest quotes (it seems to me) was “I am not so concerned that you have failed, but that you are content with failure”. Right on, Mr. President. Never give up…failure is not an option.

    All the best,


  • Hi Jeff:

    I shared on my Facebook Status with a few comments of my own.

    Another way to look at this is… DID WE/THEY TRY enough!

    I think of Failure as “the stepping stone to Success.” I think of Failure as a “learning experience!”

    I’m gonna make a list of my so-called failures and see how to improve upon those I still want to indulge in!

    I will admit I did a lot of work on myself in the last year and things have become much clearer. I had a lot of indecision and things I did not feel right about. Once I got past that and adjusted my own thinking… Things HAVE become much clearer. It’s not always black and white and there was a lot of gray for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for posting this, it was GREAT food for thought!


  • Janis McCann

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    I have learned that there is more to be feared in not making mistakes than in making them. If you meet your challenges with a zest for adventure, your will gain even from your losses. You develop winning traits by the attitudes you take toward life experiences. I now see failures as a state of mind to be regarded with curiosity and as a learning opportunity.. You can learn from mistakes and they can serve as guideposts and indicators of directions, or you can be conditioned by the circumstances that divert you from your lofty goals. Conditions are made by people: they are artificial and false and are the result of limited imagination. They disappear whenever you use them as direction finders and expand your self-image, strengthen your self confidence, and tackle conditions and circumstances as mere building blocks with which one’s personal growth and development can be constructed. Janis

  • Thanks, Jeff. My take away:

    1. It’s not falling/failing that’s important. It’s what we do when we get back up.

    2. How dull life would be if we don’t sometimes take risks.

    3. We’ll never reach our full potential if we are too worried about the failures along the way.

    4. Other people’s perceptions of you are often wrong. They don’t know you like you know you.

    A high school guidance counselor told Sue she’d never make it in a 4 year college. So Sue went to a 2 year community college graduating with a secretarial degree. But that was not what Sue really wanted. Her lifelong dream was becoming a teacher. For that, Sue needed a bachelor’s degree. She told herself she could not go to a 4 year college because of what her counselor said years before. Then Sue realized she had already done two years of college. All she needed to do was complete two more years. So she did. Sue is now a fantastic teacher who never discourages her students from reaching for their dreams!

  • It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him. – Abraham Lincoln

  • Hi Jeff, that’s a great find. Thanks for sharing it.

    I’m going to pop that onto my new opt-in page for my book on overcoming rejection, “How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed.”

  • Thanks for the uplifting video this morning Jeff!
    What I take from it:
    I don’t remember who said it but “Face your fear, and do it anyway” like this video reminds me that failure happens to the best of us.
    If you learn from it, you grow better in everything that you do. If you don’t learn then you are doom to be a failure.
    “A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he gives up” another quote that I don’t know who wrote it but it rings so true..

  • Hello Jeff. What a great an timeless video and message. Excellent choice selection. Nancy’s message about getting back up is key!

  • Elizabeth Barhydt

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    Yes Failure is not an option
    I at first you don’t succeed try again and again.

  • Nicola

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    It is out of many failures that we eventually triumph. However this is only true for those of us who have the guts to see it through. I think failure is a test to see if we are worthy of the responsibility that success brings with it.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for an uplifting video. The message I got out of it was: 1. We all fail at some point, it is a part of life. 2. We can’t allow our failures to destroy our self-confidence and our dreams. 3. We’ve got to just pick ourselves up and keep trying until we succeed. Thanks again!

  • Phyllis Mikolaitis

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    Great Stuff. I recommend reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell and Think and Grow Rich b y napoleon Hill. both books illustrate the value of influence and tenacity. I read the Investors Business Daily Articles on Success and Leadership. #5 is appropriate for today – Be persistent and work hard. Think of Thomas Edison who stuck to it through 10,000 experiments to invent the perfect setup for the electric light bulb.

  • Teddy

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    Halo Jeff,

    failure is not the end of life, unless you decide to give up. We are all bound to fail at some point, but it is the same failure that makes us know where we did not do well, what mistake we made and have an opportunity to do it better when we try again.
    The only time we fail, is when we stop trying. When we keep on keeping on will discover that it will be difficult to fail.

    Thanks the inspiring video.

  • Hi, Jeff! Thanks for a great video. Truth is, it’s important that we release – let go of the emotional baggage of our failures and in stead embrace them in a way that will launch us forward. What is failure anyway? Years ago I redefined failure for myself… failure – doing something and never getting any feedback from it. Impossible! Therefore, I cannot fail. Just have to remind myself from time to time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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