Sunday Morning Inspiration: Have You Ever Burned Your Boats?

Ever have trouble committing to the next step? A decision you need to make? A niche you need to focus on? You are not unique in this – it’s human nature. In fact, people have struggled with this for thousands of years.

Watch this video by Andy Andrews to discover how one guy solved this challenge for himself and a few others about 500 years ago…

I’ll be interviewing Andy on a teleseminar soon and I’m really looking forward to lifting out some of his wisdom. Watch this space for details… Until then, man oh man, Go Use This Stuff!

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  • Jeff,

    m so excited for you to be interviewing Andy Andrews!!! I have seen him speak live and he is simply AMAZING. Makes you find hope & possibilities in everyday life. Aaaaand, the first book you ever gave me was Andy's The Traveler's Gift… a beautiful and life changing book…

    This story is perfect for creating new beginnings in your life… with determination & courage…


  • Liz

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    Love this story and the fact that is a true story from history and the importance of committment. I haven't read his book yet, when will this interview be?

    Thanks, Liz

  • Ah yes, burning the boats is a bit scary. Especially if it's been a long-standing habit and not always the wisest choice, But maybe that's burning the bridges?

  • Karen Bain

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    Dear Jeff, LYS!! (Love Your Stuff!!)
    Provocative video for a Sunday morning.
    It rings my bell because I am
    burning a few boats to make time for
    my new 5 year business plan.
    And yes, I am awash in criticism.
    What the heck. I smile. Ignore the barbs.
    My only response, "I'm 71 years old. I can
    do what I damn well please."
    All the best to you and Maritza.
    Karen Bain

  • Jill Miller

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    Better to burn boats than bridges! I know we've all burned bridges. How about those boats?

  • For the most part in the past I have choosen the safe route. I've recently burnt the bridge & the boat, so I'll see how it turns out.

    That is awesome that you'll be interviewing Andrews. I look forward to hearing it.

  • Allie Casey

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    Burn the Boats – it certainly forces "focused and forward" thinking and action!
    Looking forward to the interview.

  • JIllian Thoreson

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    I love Andy Andrews – but I wish he's have picked another story because of the pain Cortez and his men brought to the people of Mexico. Cutting off the hands of a native when he brought him no gold that day, treating them like slaves, torturing them.

    As far as "burning your boat" goes – I don't know any other way to be. I've started over many times, sometimes by choice, sometimes not. I also prefer choice, Jeff.

    I've accumulated many treasures along the way – experiences I've had and people I've met – things I wouldn't have enjoyed had I not burned the boat. And I've had criticism as well – that just makes me more determined to succeed.

    Sometimes it's scary, but the rewards are well-worth facing the fear.

    I look forward to hearing your interview with Andy Andrews, he's awesome.

  • Jeff – You are such a smart guy. I love this video and the new series. Great work pal. Looking forward to more stuff.

    David Perdew

  • guest

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    Celebrating history's destroyers of native people and the theft of their goods is unsavory. Hitler was committed to killing all the Jews and gays and gypsies..but we don't see motivational speakers using him. This Euro-centric use of moral fables that involves whites conquering minorities and finding this a values laden story should stop. It allows people to ignore the real story of usurping power from the powerless.

    This rah rah televangelist type high emotion manipulation is really con artists leading on others by ignoring history's real lesson of greed. Sorry to see this here.

  • Jeff Herring

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    There have been times when I have chosen to burn my boats and there have been times I've been forced to burn my boats.

    While I prefer to make the choice, the principle works either way.

    I'd love to hear about your experience with "burning your boats." Please contribute to the conversation by sharing your thoughts…


    • Yes, burning your OWN boats does give you the strength to keep going toward the goal. I am reminded by a previous motivational video from your friend the football coach where the player carried a teammate on his back crawling blindfolded to the "50 yard line". Burning the boats makes you get to the 100 yd line end zone. Imagine how great that feels when it is over. Maybe I should record this and play it back in my sleep. Thanks Jeff for sharing this.

      Woo-Hoo from Philadelphia.

    • This boat burning also reminds me of the time I wanted to throw up during Steve Siebold/Bill Gove's "Tiger Program". Yes, that was me, if you ever heard Steve talk about me. It was a Mental Toughness program where we had to make 50 calls per week for 8 weeks (most of them cold calls). I made all the calls but I kept hitting bottom each week then suddenly, started to achieve. By the end of the 8 week program, I scored high every week and received "The Most Improved Tiger Award" from Steve and Bill. Over 3,000 people clapping and a standing ovation on stage was definitely a thrill for me to see and watch. Although it was hard in the beginning, I never lost the momentum. Great coaching, a worthy goal, mental toughness, a plan of action and perseverance got me to the end zone. Besides, throwing up is for losers. I knew I was a Winner! (Hmm, sounds like an article in the making here Jeff!)

      Donna Marie Laino (Woo-Hoo!)
      Philadelphia Tiger

  • terre

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    Perhaps a greater mistake is when we have burned our boats and and we burn them again.

  • Jeff Herring

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    Liz – Working on it – hope to get it set up before the Christmas holidays, these books would make great inspirational gifts, don't you think?

  • Jeff Herring

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    Terre – Thanks for commenting – it's an interesting one, can you say some more…?

  • Terry Mazzer

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    For me, commitment is one of my keys for success…the students I teach are very familiar with this as it is on display in my office and classroom.

    I also have the following statement under the word…"Follow through on your promises and obligations; live your vision. Do whatever it takes to get the job done."

    Thx Jeff for sharing this video…
    PS….I need to read Andy's book. I just read "When You Walk On Water, Take the Boat" by John Harricharan, recommended by Maritza (thx Maritza…this book resonated with me)

  • Ironically, I've been in the midst of the 'boat burning' process all day, and have found myself resisting by cleaning and organizing the house while playing passionate dance music! I kept berating myself for apparent procrastination, at the same time sensing there was a deeper meaning if I could grasp it. I just watched your video, and I understood the need to clear out the energy of my old stories and shake it up on the passion-front. So while I still need to get on with appropriate action, the ties that bind from the past feel a tad looser and I feel ready to take some bold strategic steps forward- like shedding an old snake skin. Light my fire, baby!

  • Jeff Herring

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    Some may wonder why I approved the comment by "guest" above, since I usually do not approve comments by someone who does not identify themselves…

    I made an exception for 2 reasons:

    1. I wanted to demonstrate that a blog is not a place just for saying "great job, Jeff!" (tho I appreciate those comments more than you know) I'm also willing to post "candid comments" and,

    2. To challenge the Point Missing Politically Correct Person to at least have the stones to identify themselves…

    I wonder how many of you think pmpc will identify themselves, and how many think pmpc will not identify themselves…

    I'm betting they don't have the stones…and if they do not and are on my email list, I hope they unsubscribe if they have not already…

    Does not matter if I agree or not, just have the stones…

  • Bhuvaneswari C

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    The most magical thing of creation is the human body which is why the Lord resides within it. I have not seen the video fully but I can gather this much – men in power did anything with orther peoples bodies to get what they think is theirs. Maybe the ways used in those days are different and primitive but in truth maybe the world hasn't really developed all that much. Even today men in power and those without power too use another to get what they think is theirs for the taking.
    In those days it was a one man show hence easily identified. But today deception is used to cover up. This deception is hard for grown ups to handle and cares not for the children who are the future.
    The human now is not cut, but seen as an object to use or made fun of just for laughs. The body is given cheaply available drugs to distort the mind and heart. Drug sellers thrive today. Bodies are sold too.
    In those days only one man was without any love for fellow humans but today most humans project the idea that love is to do with the body alone. The focus still is the body but the shift is deceptive.

  • From Seth Godin's blog this morning one of the ways to lose an argument online…

    5.Act anonymously. What are the chances that heckled comments from the bleachers will have an impact?

    This isn't really an argument, and of course anyone would agree about things which have happened in the past, on all sides, in all times, by all kinds of humans.

    If you get easily offended, you must have a difficult time existing because you can always have reasons and excuses to paralyze yourself and your growth by being indignant and chronically offendible.

    I love the point Jeff & Andy were making that you must sometimes COMMIT (make a courageous decision) to something and BURN YOUR BOATS (give no other option to but to be successful in what you've decided to) I know Jeff doesn't agree with what happened in the historical past… but if you look at ANY story that makes a point…. I'm sure it will be EASY to find reasons to get peeved and judgmental about it…

    It also really irks me when people post "anonymous" comments. Have the COURAGE TO COMMIT to your thoughts, your comments, constructive criticism, even when people are simply being jerks online for much less than this… I'd have more respect for the person and the comment if they had the courage to commit… obviously completely missed the point.

  • remember – the problem with a 'fall back' plan is that you will most likely fall back on it!

  • I keep going back to IT consulting which is very lucrative but which I really don't like – long boring contracts sitting in a cubicle, commuting, etc. During those phases my online projects usually grind to a halt and lose momentum. But each month back when minimal income comes in the pressure mounts (internally and from others) – even though my house is paid and I have quite a bit saved, with no kids!

    • Jeff Herring

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      Will – Thanks for your comment!

      You really ought to check out the Niche Affiliate Marketing Summit at – David Perdew has done IT consulting for years and has made the transition you want to make.

      Maritza and I and 18 others will be speaking.

      Use Coupon Code 100NAMS3 to get $100 discount til 12/1….

  • Mary

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    Couldn't get the audio to play, now the video is missing. But I know the story. And I try to to keep moving forward, learning from the past, but not mired in it. I suppose my motto or strategy is a combination of two great quotations, "If you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it," and "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is your present; open it up and celebrate." I learn from what came before (including successes and failures, my own and others) and act today with joy in living. As for tomorrow, I make provisions, but I don't live there.

  • Andrew

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    Love this story! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jeff – this is wild. It's not Sunday, but it is the second time today I've seen/heard about soldiers burning boats! What is the difference between burning boats and burning bridges? I wonder if this is out there in the group consciousness in part because of Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing this, Jeff.

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