If you were fortunate enough to tune into the 2010 NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony last Saturday night, you got to see a clinic on what it takes to be successful and great in any endeavor. Every speech had gold nuggets you could take with you and use.

You’ll probably be seeing many of the videos here on the blog over time. For now, here are excerpts from 2 of the speeches, from 2 of the greatest at their positions. Notice how Jerry Rice turned the fear of failure on its head, and how Emmit Smith shows his gratitude to those who helped make him great…

There are lessons here for us all…please join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and comments here on the blog.

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  • Jeff Herring

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    This really is just a small sample of the gems that were shared during all the induction speeches. One that really moved me was listening to Dick LeBeau, a defensive coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the entire team showed up to watch his induction. He’s 72. 72…

    ~ Jeff

  • Anita Crawford Clark

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    Those speech clips were touching and inspiring. As a long-time cowboy fan I’m always excited to see one of them go to the Hall of Fame, but it was much more touching to hear Emmits gratitude to his teammates and family…brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing.

    Here’s to Living Our Dreams,


  • Jeff Herring

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    Hi Anita – Well, I grew up a Redskins fan, but I believe we can still talk…just teasing 🙂

    In fact, Maritza being a long time Cowboys fan, and my not having any connection to the Redskins anymore, is swaying me.

    And quality examples like Emmit Smith – brought me to tears too.

    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you!

    ~ Jeff

  • Jeff Herring

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    Hi Carla – Thanks for your kind words, I really do appreciate it.

    And always remember, you are the one who has done the work – keep it up!

    See you soon at NAMS!

    ~ Jeff

  • That was so very powerful! Thank you Jeff for being there, having the courage to start out online and sharing your journey and what you have learned along the way. Like Emmit I would not be where I am today, just about 200 articles published on-line, if not for your support and encouragement. Plus of course all the great tools, examples and ideas!

  • Bob Callahan

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    You can see why these two exceptional men where inducted into one of the most prestigious groups in the world. Both are class acts and both know that it was not football that made them, but their character. There destiny was set long before they ever touched a football. They are both still scoring touchdowns in the game of life and will stand tall and be inducted into the hall of fame of life.

    Jeff I always look forward to these Sunday morning specials, it is an inspiration and enjoyment of what I look forward to during the week.

    Bob Callahan

  • I’m really not a football kind of girl… at all, but I watched this with Jeff and LOVED it! So much inspiration and motivation…

    My favorite though had to be Emmit Smith (he’s a Dallas Cowboy…!)

  • Ann-Michele Timmerman

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    I just had to say…Bob…I LOVE what you have written!

    “Both are class acts and both know that it was not football that made them, but their character. Their destiny was set long before they ever touched a football…”

    What an excellent comment! As a parent, one of my parenting goals has always been to raise solid adults of solid character…so, so incredibly important! (One of the things I’ve often said to my children [while leading through example], two of whom are now adults…”A person is only as good as their word…it’s one of the true marks of their character…”).

    Thank you very much for your way with words…

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