SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION: Focus – Questions – Rituals

We are in Martha’s Vineyard after a 2 day Vision Day Workshop with Rob Berkley. You’ll be hearing and seeing much more about the last 2 days in coming days…for now here is a little boost that captures the power of Focus – Questions – Rituals.

Enjoy, USE, and join in the conversation by leaving your comments here on the blog!

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  • Wow – the power of getting clarity so you can focus is so important! In a couple of weeks, we’ll have led our own platinum group to increased clarity, focus and productivity…

    …and ritual, or habit-creation (and being somewhat miliatant about it in the beginning to make sure rituals become habits) has always been so important during those times I’m most productive!

  • Karen Garcia

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    This was a great and timely post for me. Just Friday night I printed a binder cover insert which included the words “Focus” and “Discipline”. When Robbins explained the ease with which you can find something when you focus on it using the color example, it was an “aha” and “duh” moment all at once for me. Not “duh” that he stated it, but “duh” that I’ve never thought of it in such simple terms before.

    Thanks for the “inspiration”.

  • Jeff Herring

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    Maritza – Clarity is the key, isn’t it?

    ~ Jeff

  • Jeff Herring

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    Karen – It really is cool that every week someone tells me “this is just what I needed because…” – makes me think someone a whole lot smarter than me is behind the process of choosing these videos…

    “Aha” and “Duh” moments combined can be the hinge that swings a big door in our lives – Go For It!

    And let us know your results…

    ~ Jeff

  • Rosemary Nickel

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    What a perfect video to compliment the weekend!

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