SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION – Do You Give Your Very Best? Your Very Best?

If, like me, you are already mourning the end of the football season, this will help…

It will also help anyone to negotiate with yourself to give your very best..

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  • Howard

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    Great inspiration. I love sports movies like this that show how amazing human potential can be. Imagine if everyone has that same can do attitude about life. Even just 10 percent of the population. We all need coaches like that to get more out of us than we thought possible.

  • Hi Jeff
    Motivation… Inspiration…. Determination!
    The Secrets to Success!
    Finding that extra something that you can drag out of somewhere within you that puts you apart from the ‘herd’ despite the pain and mental anguish.
    The will to succeed and never give up, however difficult it may be.
    Just like putting up your very first website online, then making your first sales.
    German Shepherd Dogs- Don’t You Just Love Them!

  • Jeff,

    One of my favorite Movies!!! Great reminder to never give up and to give it your all.

    Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way, to see how far we can go!

    Praise God when things are good and …Praise God when things are not so good.


  • “It’s hard & it hurts…It’s all heart from here.” <== love this quote!

  • Yvonne Crooker

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    Thank you for this inspirational video! Sometimes motivational videos and stories can be corny but they serve a purpose, IE to help us see the possibilities in our lives and not give up. When I took an early disability retirement from the education profession a year and 1/2 ago I wasn’t sure what I would do with my time. Having ALS had limited my physical abilities but not mental. Creating an online retail business with a web site was the answer. Needless to say, it is hard work and has its ups and downs. Your training materials and videos have been very helpful, with strategies and motivation.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Jeff, Thanks for sharing this. LOVE IT!!! best, Scott

  • “God’s gifted you with the gift of leadership: don’t waste it.” Challenging to say the least. I think that’s where I paused internally the most. I had a high school swim coach who challenged those on the team to consistently reach for their best.

    It speaks to me about such concepts as:

    1. Responding to God in the right way regarding your individual giftedness, motivations and strengths.
    2. Leaders who lead well.
    3. Created opportunities that can be taken advantage of.
    4. The importance of striving to win as best as possible for all of the right reasons.
    5. The importance of teams working as teams.
    6. The challenge to putting winning and losing in perspective (my take if a team does not win in the end).

    In fact, as I was wrapping up above, I created a quote while reviewing these things and thinking about how I might internalize at least part of it. I’ll just go ahead and share it assuming that’s okay.

    — Victory —
    Choosing to win on the inside first
    and playing with heart from that moment forward.
    © Lee Wise

  • Elizabeth Barhydt, Ph.D

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    Thanks Jeff
    MY belief also what I also teach

    Do your Best
    Give your all
    and even if you did not succeed
    At least you did not fail

    That is all we can ask “DO YOUR BEST

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