Article Marketing Guy Presents: SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION – Commitment, and more…

So we are having a topic series at our church, Brown’s Bridge Community Church,
called Life Apps. The first one last week was on Forgiveness…

At the end of the talk, Jeff Henderson talked about the new book “Unbroken” about
Louis Zamperini, the man featured in the video. Jeff began to talk about the letter
that Louis wrote to his most violent torturer in the Japanese prison camp.

Instead of Jeff reading it, out comes 94 year old Louis, straight from California to
read us his letter…

A model of commitment and persistence, no matter what

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  • Hello Jeff,

    Wow! That is the power of forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of others at its very best… and also a profound lesson for me to remember. Thank you for sharing such a remarkable story.


  • Cindy Brock

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    My husband and I were both born in Torrance (CA). Thus, I feel that created an automatic bond to Louis.

    His story is one of many about the sheer willpower of the human spirit. Today, we have no idea what it is like to suffer as Louis did. I’m not sure most of us could endure the horrors he faced. He has character that so few have: an ability to forgive those you have done us the most harm. What a true creature of God he is.

    Thank you, Jeff, for sharing these words and reminding us about how precious life is and how grateful we should be.

    Sharing Life’s Abundance,
    Cindy 😉

  • Listening to his story was humbling and reminded me of the incredible power of forgiveness not only to heal others but to release ourselves… & even to forgive ourselves sometimes!

  • Declan

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    Wow what a hero and a great example of human courage under the most challenging circumstances Louie should b given the Nobel peace prize for his courage and heart

  • Molly Nesham

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    If Lucky Louie can forgive his real tormentors, can we forgive our imagined ones, let go of an offense and be free?

  • Wow! If we all were a little more like Louie, can you image this world? Amazing story.

  • Barbara

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    Blessings to this man for his service to our country and each of us.
    Blessings to his sweet soul for showing us a higher way to live…through forgiveness.
    As Jill said, can you image this world this way? Yes, I can.
    Every day I envision it and do my best to encourage everyone to embrace forgiveness. It’s the path to freedom…mostly for the one who does the forgiving.
    Thank you Jeff, for sharing this inspiring story.
    Better & Better,

  • Nicola Hilton

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    Wow! for all those people who hold grudges, imagine how different things could be if only they could learn to forgive others and themselves. To forgive is very liberating.

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