SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION: “Are You Willing to Be Bad at Something Long Enough to Get Really Good?”?”

There are 2 important questions in this video for any one that wants to achieve greatness in their chosen field. The first question is “Are you willing to be bad at something long enough to get really good?”

You’ll want to watch the video to discover the 2nd important question…and then share your thoughts and comments on the blog…

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  • LOVED the video Jeff! I agree 100% with his description of “really living.” That’s what I strive for every day. Thank you so much. It was a great way to start my day.

  • Christien

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    Awesome Teaching!

    …am I willing to take all the little risks? The story of a lifelong affliction…afraid of being bad at something before I get good. How strange, considering the value of the learning experience and the opportunity to achieve mastery.

    …am I bringing all my faculties to the problem at hand? “A craftsman is someone who can bring all his faculties to the problem at hand.”

    Simple Truths..

    Thanks, Jeff.

  • What an awesome clip! Thank you, Jeff, for sharing.

    After listening to it a couple of times it seems the two biggest questions are “Are you willing to be bad at something long enough to get really good?” – which you point out – and “Are you willing to take the risk of not living a full life?”

    The way I interpret the last one is….at the end days of my life, as I sit rocking on my porch and thinking back over my life….did I LIVE or just breathe my way through the days.

    Have I expanded myself? Am I taking new thoughts, ideas and perspectives ‘home’ with me?
    Did I fall in love with life, with people, with the planet, with all that is?

    Weighty questions for an early Sunday.

    Better & Better,
    Barbara Hawkins

  • My take away: Don’t be afraid to pursue your passion. Expect to not be good at it at first, but do it anyway. This relates to my passion: nursing.

    Nurses: Help the ill get better physically and emotionally.
    Teach individuals how to take care of themselves to prevent disease.
    Save lives by noticing the early signs of a problem.
    Support individuals and their families as they reach the last days of their lives.
    And much, much more.

    Now it is my passion to support each nurse to: Be the Best Nurse You Can Be!

  • Great inspiration. What struck me is his willingness to put himself out there, no matter how bad it is, be willing to look and be foolish, be willing to not succeed at first. And then to use all of that as grist for the learning mill to eventually create winning products.

  • Jeff,

    I’ve loved Harry Chapin’s music since I discovered it back in the 80’s. There are many of his songs that I consider my “theme” songs. I’ve lived what he sings about and enjoy going back there just by listening to the songs.

    I’ve never heard any outtakes from his concerts like this and to hear him speak from the heart was most excellent. I got a peek at the entertainer learning more about the man behind the music and now will be on the lookout for more.

    It’s a shame to have lost such a talented story teller so young……….

    Thanks for the glimpse,.

    Paul Bilodeau

  • Master Article Marketer

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    I think the question, “Are you willing to be bad at something long enough to get really good?” is simply perfect! So many new marketers expect to make a full time income overnight and that makes them very hard to coach. It also gives our industry a very bad name, which it does not deserve.

    One of the most inspirational videos I have seen in quite some time.

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