So we are in Cleveland at the Dan Kennedy Wealth Days on Friday & Saturday. And I’m thinking, “Man, I am tired, and we are in the middle of a launch, and I sure don’t feel like searching for a great video for this week’s Sunday Morning Inspiration, maybe I’ll just skip this week, no one is gonna notice anyway…”

We come back from lunch and the woman sitting to Maritza’s right says to me, “You know what? I’ve been glancing over at you all day trying to figure out where I know you from – you’re the Sunday Morning Inspiration guy!”

That was the last thing I expected to hear. I thanked her and we did not get a chance to talk as the program was starting. Then there were lots of folks asking us questions when we wrapped up today, so I did not get to thank Sharon Hay for your kind words that meant more than you can know…

So thank you Sharon!

And what’s also cool is that when I went to look for an appropriate video and found this one you are about to watch on appreciation, the creator of the video is a colleague I had not connected with in about 10 years. So thanks to you too, Barbara!

And who will you thank after you watch this video?

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