While this video talks about actors and acting, I think the message applies to all of us.

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PS – Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes last week!

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  • I look forward to Sundays even more knowing that Jeff will deliver me a boost…thanks Jeff!

  • Johnell McCauley

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    Great video – thank you for sharing your Sunday morning inspiration. It is very thought provoking and it reminds us that we need to look inward for answers and take responsiblity to listen. If we give ourselves quiet time to reflect, it is amazing how many answers come to you and then you can share them with others.

  • Bob Crawford

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    Thanks Jeff, this video speaks volumes about why so many people are struggling. We want and want and want, but until we learn to connect our desires with our purpose, we are like the ball in an old fashioned pinball game – bouncing around from thing to thing and wondering why we aren’t getting ahead.


    • Virginia

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      My sentiments exactly Bob!

  • VickiLynne Jost

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    Great Sunday inspiration! Wanting is just desires and that has really spoke volumes for me. Thanks so much for sharing. Vikcki-Lynne

  • Thanks, Jeff. Today on Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking about how I mentored my children by helping them be the best people they could be and find and follow their passion. Everyone and especially, Nurses, I challenge you to encourage each other like we would our own family. To Be the Best People We Can Be and To Be the Best Nurses We Can Be!

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