Sunday Morning Inspiration: Inspiration Combined with Action…

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article marketing, content creation, social marketing, jeff herring, twitterAs you know, I love inspiration…

But inspiration with out action is like having a great car that you never start up and go somewhere.

Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action. ~ Brendan Francis

So to that end, this week’s Sunday Morning Inspiration offers you tips, tools and action steps to move forward…

The vision must be followed by the venture.  It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs. ~ Vance Havner

So here are 6 of my best articles from the last week – 3 on Article Marketing and 3 on Social Marketing – filled with tips and tools your can use right away!

Just click on each title and another page will pop up with the article, so you can come back to this page and read them all.

As always, your comments and plans for how you will use the strategies are always invited and welcome on my blog!

3 Social Marketing Articles

Twitter Traffic Techniques #1 – Inviting Followers to an Opt-In Page For More Good Stuff From You
Do you know how to invite your Twitter followers to your opt-in page? You will when you read and use the tips and strategies inside this article.

Twitter Traffic Technique #2 – How to Leverage One Social Media Site For a Flood of Traffic
Do you know how to leverage Twitter for a ton of traffic to your articles? You will when you read and take action on the tips and tools in this article.

Twitter Traffic Technique #3 – How to Leverage Twitter to Feed Your Blog Tons of Traffic
Most people just throw up a blog and hope for the best. This is called the “hope for the best strategy. But did you know there are other more powerful strategies that feed your blog a ton of Social Marketing traffic? You’ll learn and discover these strategies inside this article.

3 Article Marketing Articles

Article Marketing & Traffic Generation – How to Get Your Info in Front of Where the Traffic is Going
What would it be like for your business if you had one works-every-time strategy for building traffic that you could pull out and use any time you wanted? Would you be interested in that strategy? And then what if I told you it was free? That’s exactly what you are going to learn and discover when you read and take action on the tips inside this article.

Article Marketing & Content Creation – Building an Internet Business Just Got a Whole Lot Easier
Do you know how to quickly create your content whenever you want? You will when you read and take action on the tips inside this article.

Practical Article Marketing – Leveraging Your Article Resource Box As the Ultimate Traffic Tool
Do you know how to create a Resource Box for your article that will pull in the traffic for you? You will when you read and take action on this article.


TWITTER: No One Cares?
My most recent guest post on Alex Mandossian’s blog. When you make a comment there, you get a link back from a blog that’s ranked even higher than mine!

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