[VIDEO] Success Tip: Lesson from a Sandwich Shop

Good morning!

I have an important question for you today:

Are your clients asking you for something that you are not delivering?

Why is this important? Watch the video about this New England sandwich shop and find out!

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  • On the other hand, they may have had very good reasons for not serving ice-cream – such as not enough counter space. Once you serve one flavour of ice cream, then people will probably start asking for yet others, and before you know it, they’ve lost the essence of what they’re about. Are they a sandwich shop or an ice-cream parlour?

    It just may not have been something they wanted to get involved with. I get people asking me to offer things that I simply don’t want to offer.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the video. You would think businesses would figure that stuff out, but I think people are set on what they carry and what they don’t and stick to it.
    Also as a DP I appreciate the quality of the video. Even though it’s just a talking head, I appreciate the video quality. Keeps my attention although the content was great and short.

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