Article Marketing Guy Recommends “Practical Email Marketing – 7 Universal Laws for Attention Getting Subject Lines (The Ones I Use)”

Email marketing is dead, or so they say. And if you are talking about the kind of email marketing where someone pounds their list with a new offer every day of the week, they might be right. That kind of email is dying the death it deserves.

But if you are interested in serving your list and profiting in the process, then email marketing is alive and very well.

And so to that end, here are 7 Universal Laws for Subject Lines that get your emails opened and read.

The Law of Boring – The very worst thing you can do in a subject line is be boring. Since the subject line is what gets your reader to open your email, a boring subject line will chase them away quickly.

It’s the difference between “I have a new article for you” vs. “Discover 4 Tips You Never Knew for Prospect Pulling TeleSeminars.”

The Law of Benefit – The very best thing you can do in a subject line is include benefits. Your email recipient is asking the question “What’s in it for me if I open this email.” Your job is to answer that question in a way that leaves no doubt.

How about “Come to my next teleseminar on Thursday” vs. “I’ll reveal 4 of my personal strategies for product creation on this call.”

The Law of Numbers – When you tell your prospect how many of something they will get, your email will be opened more often. And it better to use the numeral “4” than to spell out the word “four.”

In the example of above, “I’ll reveal 4 of my personal strategies for product creation on this call” is stronger than “I’ll reveal my personal strategies for product creation on this call.”

The Law of Question – Questions are stronger than statements. Which would you open faster? – “Here are three mistakes most online marketers make” of “Which of these 3 deadly mistakes are you making in your online marketing.”

The Law of Psst! – If you really want to get someone’s attention, say “Pssst! Hey (first name)! Here are your dial in details for the call.”

The Law of Invitation – Let’s say you want to send out a reminder about a webinar you are doing at 8 pm. You could say “Remember, the webinar starts at 8 tonight. Don’t be late” or “Are you joining me tonight at 8”

The Law of Fun – Please have fun with this. The law of fun is the opposite of the law of boring. The more fun you can make your subject lines, the more your emails will get opened.

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  • I think email marketing is definitely becoming less effective and that’s EXACTLY why these laws are important – to be sure your subscribers will want to open your emails! The kind of email subject lines I don’t like are:

    [Private] or something like that, I mean, who are you kidding? Everyone knows its a broadcast! 😛

    “You Up? – for an email sent in the middle of the night – it just seems like you’re trying to act like an intimate friend when you’re not.

    Anything with profanity – some entrepreneurial marketers will do almost anything. Yucky!

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