Listen in as 5 Internet Marketing Experts Reveal Their Secret Strategies for Driving Traffic and Dollars through Social Media!

With an audience of 180 eager online marketers watching, five of the world’s most successful Internet Marketing masters revealed their secret strategies for leveraging the incredible power of Social Media…

Everyone present – from complete beginners to very successful, well-known online entrepreneurs – knew these nuggets of wisdom were worth their weight in gold. In fact, you could almost hear the mental connections being made while audience members experienced their own “A Ha” moments…

But instead of me telling you this, listen to some of these rave reviews from actual audience members:

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The following five simple questions set the stage for one the most dynamic and enlightening conversations on this topic you can imagine:

  • Why would I want to build an online presence using Social Media? Isn’t it just about hooking up with buddies? Find out how Joey Smith transforms his online ‘buddies’ into happy and loyal customers.
  • Is Social Media for real? If so, how is it changing the way we interact on the web? Learn how Maritza Parra uses Twitter to tap into what her audience really wants – and uses that information to create products that have a hungry market already waiting for them.
  • How do you drive traffic using Social Media? Take notes as Willie Crawford explains exactly how he achieves an “economy of action” with his Social Media efforts. (Hint: he is traffic-driving legend for a reason!)
  • Do you still need an email list if you have thousands of followers online? How can you convert ‘friends’ to a list and why? Jeff Herring explains why you still need both – and offers great insight into how to convert your Social Media lists into responsive email marketing lists.
  • Do conversion tactics still work in Social Media? Kevin Riley offers some great ideas on who you should be following and why – and how this can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

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