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  • Thursday April 10th
  • 4 pm ET
  • 1 pm PT
  • 9 pm UK

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The Content World is a whole new world in 2019, but most "goo-roos" are still teaching you what working in 2015!

YOU get to discover and master what is "really working right now!"

And Here's What You'll Discover:

  • How & Why "Regular" Content Marketing is NOT WORKING!
  • How Messing Around in the Woods Led to a Brand New Discovery
  • Strategy 1 - Create Your "Show" (this is NOT what you think it is)
  • Strategy 2 - Build Your Audience
  • Strategy 3 - Increase Your Sales
  • Your Next Success Steps - What to Do Next NOW
  • Your "3 Strategies" Genius Tip - Playing at the Highest Level
  • And just like all my events: So. Much. More!