What’s your dream? Do you have one? Has it gotten a few knocks along the way?

Sticking with and believing in your dream, no matter the obstacles, can be the greatest challenge of your life.

AND the rewards can be huge – listen as Tony Robbins tells the inside story of Sylvester Stallone and ROCKY (the dog part alone will get to ya).

Share your dreams, struggles and triumphs and general comments after the video…

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  • Andrew Molobetsi

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    I have also seen my fair share of hard knocks in my life and just like Stallone’s charactor – Rocky – I had to rise up from the ground and go reclaim my place under the spotlight of success – where I belong.
    And that’s what everybody who has a big dream ought to do. It’s hard, but You Can Still Win Back What You Lost!

  • Jeff…thanks…again and again…I needed this…you seem to know exactly what to put up…keep doing it…no matter what…be like Rocky!

  • Yes, you are right, the dog part really got me!

  • I had no idea about the details of this great story! It inspired us so much, we decided to watch the movie “Ali” and I had no idea everything he went through either – very inspiring…

    and now the boys want to take up boxing! 🙂

  • Liz

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    I thought it was a great movie but I had no idea that Sylvester Stallone had brought his own phylosophy and hard headed focus to the story. That puts the movie for me in a whole new category. Lesson for me? Don’t let anybody or anything get you off track once you decide where you want to go. Thank you Jeff.

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