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  • Lauren mc mullen

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    Hey jeff
    Thanks for this call!
    Why was not effected by this? I always put them and ezinearticles on the same category
    Thanks ~ Lauren

  • Doug Greene

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    Hey Jeff …

    Just an fyi … in my browser, I’m unable to see the copy in the lower part of the call info box. Probably easiest to just show you a screen shot:

    Looks like some sort of link, and that the table doesn’t expand to show it. I’m using Firefox on a PC in w/ Windows XP, which is a fairly common set-up.

    I trust you’re doing well?

    Just got back from Alex’s Marketing Mastermind Reunion. It was good.


  • I am intrigued to see if I am able to generate any actual sales from my article’s. People enjoy them, but the conversion rate to sales is not there. Let’s see if we can draw more and more people to the Accelerator system – I’m game!

    • Bill, make sure your resource box flows from your article and isn’t a “bio box” that tells people “the article is now over” before they get to your offer/CTA (I learned that verbatim from Jeff) 😉

  • Judy H. Wright - Empowerment

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    Hello from Montana,

    This is great timing. I was just going to have an intern move 76 articles from blog posts into article directories. Anxious to learn what you have to share.

    Talk to you soon,

    Judy Helm Wright new site, love comments and suggestions…

  • Laurie@Affiliate Marketing Training

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    Hi Jeff,

    Will this call be recorded and sent to those of us who have registered?

    Thanks for doing this. I want to get it all straight.

    • Hi Laurie – Yes the call will be recorded and available within 48hrs…

      ~ Jeff

      • Jeff, are you impersonating me…?

        Is THIS the Truth about Article Marketing! (sorry, about that – I needed a good laugh today… 😉

  • Chris

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    Any opportunity to beat google is worth a listen – can’t wait Jeff


  • Looking forward to this call. Glad there will be a recording just in case I missed it, but planning on attending. Thanks, Jeff!

  • Lauren McMullen

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    FYI the Skype URL does not show on your interface and then when I found the link they ask for the conference ID. Who could remember that…Its a great idea but does not work very well.

    Not complaining but I thought you would like to know
    ~ Lauren

  • Lauren McMullen

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    Hmmm when you make a comment it breaks the connection…. I wonder why

  • Glad I got a to make this call. Thanks Jeff!

    • Regina, Glad you’re here too! I’m looking over your questions for my new site right now while listening – Thank You for doing such a FANTASTIC job ==> I love my new website-porsche… 🙂

      • You’re welcome Maritza. I enjoyed making it for you. It’s the ultimate WordPress site with security, seo, easy navigation, all the bells and whistles you can have and YOUR content. It’s a fully loaded Porsche! Gotta love it!

  • Pete

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    Just had an article rejected by EZA because I used a cloaked affiliate link. Basically, it was link and was told that is not allowed by EZA. I’ve done it before and I’ve seen some of your articles doing that as well. Is this something new from EZA?

  • Lauren McMullen

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    But Jeff ideamarketers allows all articles there is no submission process. Articles load to the site as soon as you post so I still wonder why

    • Lauren, I am not an expert in this stuff, listening to the expert with y’all right now, but are you sure ideamarketers wasn’t affected? I do see a dip in EZA when looking on google trends but they are still #100 on Alexa and yesterday it looks like EZA started moving up again – I do think people are making too big a deal about EZA taking a dip, they still get a TON of traffic and I think we’ll see it adjust (and they are tightening quality standards which I think they SHOULD have done earlier…)

      while ideamarketers doesn’t have enough to get on trends and it’s taking a dip in Alexa (and it’s #4,391)

  • I love that they’re finally weeding out the schmucks!!! It leaves room for the real articles that have value.

  • Get em’ Jeff!!! I can feel your deep passion on how important Article Marketing is as if you were standing in the room with me right now.

  • Here’s Alexa’s ranking on Ezine Articles…

    They have Alexa Traffic Rank of 100
    Traffic Rank in the US 71
    And yesterday they had a 21% increase in traffic

    With rankings like that they’re not going anywhere!

    I believe the loss of any traffic will most likely be the schmucks cuz they have to find another place to try to get published elsewhere.

    • Regina, I agree… EZA isn’t going anywhere. They are however, tightening their submission process which will benefit all quality content creators and the “schmucks” will have to go to their next “get rich quick” scheme…

  • I missed one that Jeff said…

    Ezinearticles, Articles Base, and….?? What was the third please?

  • Bill Blake

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    Can’t get on the site!

  • Will you offer repurposing again? I am over committed at this time with online classes

  • Joyce P Morlin

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    Thank you for the “State of Article Marketing” Would you recommend “Pay Per Click” for this interim turbulent period?

  • Hi Jeff,

    How does google determine what is quality content? Google can easily determine if an article has 400 words or more (your tip, and the new ezinearticles requirement), but those of us who have always gone beyond the minimal requirements, who offer quality *new* information and “golden nuggets” and all that, how does google know? I mean google’s search formula does not include a panel of your peers–who can determine if something is quality content, or not. This is my biggest concern, and it was not adequately addressed on your call.

  • Mellissa Brueggeman

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    Try Article Marketing. Posting Free Articles to article directories is a great way to get the word out.

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