Speak Your Articles – How to Write With Your Mouth Not With Your Hands (New Strategies for You)

article marketingArticle marketing is a great way to generate volumes of highly qualified traffic and profits. And yet so many people struggle with writing their articles even when they know the great results available.

I get it.

I once believed that I could not write. So much so that I never finished my dissertation for my Ph.D in Marriage & Family Therapy back when I was a therapist.

Now as an Article Marketing expert I dig deep into my niche to help you create article content in as many ways as possible. Creating templates has helped thousands of online marketers create articles and build their traffic and profits.

At the same time, so many people still struggle with writing articles.

Write with Your Mouth Not with Your Hands

So lately I’ve been working on some strategies for creating article content without having to write. And no, I am not talking about article spinners and the article vomit you get from such things.

I’m talking about about creating original articles based on your expertise, without having to lift a finger to write, by writing with your mouth and not with you hands.

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  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Check out the new training at http://SpeakYourArticles.com

    You won’t believe how easy it is to do this, once we show you how…

    Article Marketing is about to change…

    ~ Jeff

    • I’m signed up for your Speak Your Articles class and can’t wait!. Thanks for doing this for us.

      Learning more on how to create article content easier is a must for me. It takes me way to long to “write” articles, sometimes 3-5 hours each. I know you’re THE article marketing expert that can guide me. I’m looking forward to hearing how to create articles with my mouth instead of my fingers pecking away trying to rewrite every sentence or staring at my screen thinking about what to write.

      • Regina, This is the perfect class for you, particularly because it makes things much faster! You will love the strategies and the chunking aspect of it!

        AND we talk about the “staring at the blank screen” issues lots of people have! Can’t wait to teach this with Jeff!

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