Something No Other Internet Marketer Can Ever Claim…

article marketing, jeff herring     I swear I am not making this up….

First, a little background…I’m on vacation with my two sons and dog in the North Georgia Mountains. I am also on a lifelong pursuit of the best bar-b-q in the world, so whenever I travel I ask local people where they go for good ribs.

Everyone told us Col. Poole’s Bar-B-Q. So Sunday afternoon we go.

Turns out Col. Poole is a pretty savvy marketer.  Because his place is on a federal highway, there are certain sign restrictions, and he could not get a billboard put up on his property.

Not to be stopped by a silly rule (I liked this guy already) he used the hill in back of his place to erect small signs with peoples names and hometowns on them. He has been written up all over the world because of the next two pictures…

article marketing, jeff herring

 Now not just anyone can get a sign erected on this hill with their name on it. You have to meet a rigorous set of criteria:

1) You must be of good moral character

2) You must have good intentions

3) You must have $5 – that goes to charity.

article marketing, jeff herring

Now comes the part about what no other internet marketer can ever claim…

What else could I possibly put on my sign but

They said I was first, and so within a couple of days I will have my web site displayed on the “Pig Hill of Fame” behind Col. Poole’s Bar-B-Q…

Others will follow, but I am the first…

Excuse me, I have to go prepare for the new surge of visitors to this blog…

And I swear I am not making this up…


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