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  • I’m just about to publish my new facebook fan page. Would you talk about the new URL for it and how it affects Our URL and password for or previous Facebook/Twitter’s URL and password.

    I’m concerned that they won’t fit altogether.

    Many thanks,


  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jean!

    I’ll be glad to talk with you about this – just go to and fill out the application and then we will pick a time!

    Chat soon!

    ~ Jeff

  • Evelyn Vincent

    Reply Reply

    Thanks Jeff for bringing back to the front of my mind the writing tips (getting it out there). These also come in handy when coaching my team regarding their article writing and their Facebook pages.

    Thanks so much!

    ~ Evelyn

  • Jeff:

    Good teleseminar. I picked up a few pearls to check out, like the I had never heard of this before.



  • Selma

    Reply Reply

    I am a newbie – and new to your program – but living in
    South Africa it is impossible to attend webinares.
    enjoyed the video – will look for more in future.

  • Selma

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    I’m a newbie – living in South Africa – and am enjoying your
    site. Just difficult, if not impossible, to join a teleseminar!
    Thanks for the video.

    Are your teleseminars recorded?

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