WEDNESDAY WEBINAR REPLAY: Social Marketing – Transformation on the New Frontier

Here is the Webinar Replay of a Customer Appreciation Webinar – they got to be there live! Now you can catch the Replay…

Some of what Maritza and I covered during this Webinar…

  • How Social Marketing is the Next Natural Step in Article Marketing
  • The Top Social Marketing Tools & a Powerful Newcomer
  • AT LAST! The Answer to “What do I say on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.”
  • Real Live Social Marketing Transformation Stories
  • The AMSM Formula for Social Marketing Dominance
  • Common Obstacles to Massive Success

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Jeff Herring

Discover 5 simple steps for 6 figure success online with content marketing.

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  • Hello Jeff and Maritza. Phyllis Mikolaitis and I send our regrets. We were unable to attend your recent webinar because we had “Gone and Used This Stuff”! We did not worry about perfection. We used what we learned from your SMB course and our first two modules in Christina Hall’s course to create a website and several blog posts. We have some blog posts on our website and Phyllis has tweeted our current location and status. Today we attended a trade show for our industry. We gave out 25 small CDs as our business cards. They contain a link to our website, an introductory sales letter, an eZine-type article on business Social Networking, and a PowerPoint presentation of our capabilities and value to customers.
    We already have positive feedback, so we are on our way!
    Regards from Philadelphia – Lorayne Blacka & Phyllis Mikolaitis

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