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Here are 6 Social Marketing Articles for you, complete with tips and tools you can use right away. Each link will open in a separate browser so that you can come back and read all six.

And if you want to use any of these articles on your own web site, blog or newsletter, you can get the entire article at EzineArticles when you click on the links below, just include the article in its entirety with the Resource Box.

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Practical Blogging Tips – 3 Quick Strategies to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Now (Right Now)

Practical Social Marketing Tips – 3 Deadly Facebook Marketing Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Practical Social Marketing Tips – 7 Ways to Get More Traffic From Twitter Right Now

Practical Social Marketing Tips – The Top 7 Reasons to Create Your Facebook Fan Page Now

Your 7 Step Twitter Blueprint For a Massive Online Presence (Quickly & Easily Too)

Practical Social Marketing Tips – How to Use the LIFE Model of Social Media Communication

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