Social Marketing & List Building – How to Use Twitter to Quickly Build a Highly Qualified List

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grow your list_smOne of the really nice things about building your list with Twitter is the immediacy of response on Twitter. When you include the right words and links in your “tweet stream” (a phrase I never imagined saying) you can quickly build a list of highly qualified members.

This is so quick and easy I’m a little surprised more people are not using it. I think this is because of some of the misinformation out there, so I will clear some of that up while I give your the strategies below.

Here are a 2 powerful strategies:

1) Invite people back to one of your opt-in pages for more good info from you in exchange for their email address. Some people will tell you not to do this on Twitter. My opinion is they are wrong. As long as you are also being social on Twitter and not just marketing with every message, you can certainly use this strategy. I tweet an invitation like this almost everyday. Tweet about the benefits your prospect is going to get and include a link back to your opt-in page.

When you do this you are offering great quality stuff in exchange for their email address. Once the prospect has opted-in, you can turn that highly qualified list member into a highly responsive list member when you follow up well.

2) Use your other resources as list building tools on Twitter – Did you know you can leverage your blog posts, your articles, and your videos to build your list from Twitter? Each time you have a new blog post, a new article, or a new video, let your Twitter followers know about it.

When you have set it up correctly there will already be an automatic message on Twitter about each of these things. Your job now is to follow up these “auto-tweets” with invitations of your own.

A phrase that will draw attention is to ask “Have you seen this yet?” and then include the link to your blog post, article or video.

In each of these resources you should have at least one way for your prospect to opt-in for something cool and powerful and join your list.


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