Social Marketing for YOUR Business: Discover the Power of AI

In this video, you’ll discover the power of AI (Auto-Integration) so your business can:

  • profit by marketing with social media tools
  • use this discovery to save you time, energy and effort (while making money)
  • see real-life results with small business owners
  • learn a simple strategy to link some of the biggest social media accounts once to “set it & forget it”
  • get inspired to use these powerful & simple new technologies to bring in more revenue

Stay Tuned for the next video where you’ll meet a woman who quit her job to teach her passion (& you’ll never believe what it is!)

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Jeff Herring

Discover 5 simple steps for 6 figure success online with content marketing.

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  • sandra

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    Hi I saw your video about Dirty Little secrets. I know I bought a course which teaches you how to be a social media consultant. And what is interesting is that you’re just learning how but you aren’t learning what some of the pitfalls are. For example not much on how if you become a social media consultant that you will be faced with: 1) clients who want to change to another consultant 2) how important it is for your client to see instant results and what you can do to help them make money …aside from this the extra things in the package involve piggyback sales to you such as paying extra to get your own social media setup, or paying extra so you can be hit with even more advertising from other folks who want you to pay them to let them do websites for your clients, articles for your client blogs.
    I took the course just to get more information; but I who have already been doing some social marketing for a client then found out that it is the “strategy” for your client that is needed. Your clients want to see financial results and you are right: these so called gurus won’t teach you that. No one has to take a course on “setting up” a social media business: all they need to do is google for each aspect of the business. For example google how to set up your own twitter, your own facebook, your own linked in and then “Go use the stuff”…thanks Jeff for this statement)
    What people really need is for you to teach them or do actions for them so that their media strategy works. So you are 100% right on. Only a few people online who will tell you the truth and you and Maritz are one of them. To bad I wasted my money. But I hope others don’t.

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