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Just a quick note about a new feature over at

You are now able to search your own articles from your Author’s Area in Ezine Articles

Suggested Uses

  • Find a certain article you wrote
  • Search for articles on a particular subject and or keyword
  • Just plain get to your stuff faster!

Give it a try today!

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Jeff Herring

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  • This is a great new feature at EZA. Thanks for pointing it out to us!

  • I agree with Cathy. I had been wondering what would happen once I have hundreds of articles posted there and wanted to find a specific one to edit — or even remind myself what exactly I’ve already published there (with so many articles, I can imagine that it’ll be easy to lose track).

    Problem solved. Now, I’ll be able to search for my stress articles, or my hair articles, or my articles on internet marketing, and so on, and be able to find them. Cool!


    P.S.: Did you lobby Chris Knight to add that feature? If so, double thanks!

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