If you spend any time at all on the Internet then you have received one of those emails claiming someone had made $58,934.94 in less than 2 minutes using a simple system that anyone can do….blah, blah, blah, BLAH!

I really don’t like that stuff because it is usually so inflated and definitely hard to believe.

So today I want to introduce you to the $442 man…

I met Rafael at NAMS 3 – Niche Affiliate Marketing Seminar – in Atlanta earlier this year. At each NAMS we create an audio product in front of the live audience. 4 or 5 of us in front of the room answering specific questions about a specific topic. Then during lunch the audio is built into a product that everyone can begin selling that afternoon. The person with the most sales wins the contest.

Rafael won under these conditions:

  1. He didn’t have a list of any sort
  2. He had no experience selling any products online
  3. He’s from Venezuela
  4. All his friends and contacts were in Venezuela
  5. Venezuela does not allow citizens to purchase U.S. products over the internet with credit cards
  6. Venezuela doesn’t allow the use of PayPal
  7. Our product created on Saturday morning used PayPal as the e-commerce gateway

So here’s what I would like for you to do:

1) Visit and watch the video where Rafael tells his story and then read the rest of the details, and

2) Consider registering for NAMS 4 and use Coupon Code NAMS4MAY to save $3oo off the price of registration.

I know of no other workshop where a product is created, the audience can sell it right away for 100% commission, and many people make their first sales ever!

Check it all out at

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