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  • Thursday March 7th
  • 4 pm ET
  • 1 pm PT`
  • 9 pm UK

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CODE: 995-385-227

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Here's what you'll get:

  • How "complication" pays the GOO-ROOs
  • How "simplification" pays YOU!
  • Introducing "Jeff Herring's Content Master Model"
  • Step 1 - Rising Above the Noise, Part 1
  • Step 2 - Rising Above the Noise, Part 2
  • Step 3 - Building & Directing Your Audience
  • Step 4 - Making a Difference & a Profit
  • Step 5 - Creating Your System
  • Your Next Success Steps
  • Your Content Master Model "Genius Tip"
  • And like all my events {say it with me} SO. MUCH. MORE!


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