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Before you get there though, I want to tell you about what is coming up!

This teleseminar is the third in a series of 3 on the Power of Repurposing.

While this one focuses on 7 ways to repurpose your content in video, the first one
focused on 7 ways to repurpose your content in text, and the second on
7 ways to repurpose your content in audio.

Each teleseminar will be $27 a piece. If you take advantage right now of
this One Time Offer, you can get both of the other telelseminars, 7 Ways to
Repurpose Your Content in Text & 7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content in Audio,
for the price of one – ONLY $27!

As this is a One Time Offer, it will not be available again. If after this
teleseminar you decide you want to listen to the 1st & 2nd, it will cost you
$27 each.

So act now, click the link below to get your next 2 Repurposing TeleSeminars
for the price of one – ONLY $27!

article marketing teleseminar
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The Top 7 Ways to Repurpose
Your Article Content in Video



Click here to down load the mp3


(this gives me time to include all the latest strategies and ideas…)

In this 60 minute webinar you’ll learn & discover:

  • How Repurposing Positions You Perfectly for Success in the New Economy
  • How to Leverage Repurposing to Sell Your Knowledge in Hundreds of Ways
  • 7 Powerful Ways to Repurpose Your Article Content in VIDEO
  • How to Keep the Learning & Doing Going
  • And of course a whole lot more!

See you on the TeleSeminar!

Go Get This Stuff and Go Use This Stuff!

PS – Click here to take advantage of the 2 for 1 One Time Offer on 2 TeleSeminars for the investment of 1!



  • Hi Jeff,
    I enjoyed your last webinar re repurposing in audio and learned a lot. My clients are typically HR and Training VPs or CLevel sales or line managers who get the “people stuff.” Am wanting to be sure this applies to them as well as Corporate America is sometimes a bit behind. Any tips for getting through to that audience with these techniques?

    Also, I sell DiSC assessments and want to draw more clients through audio and video – do these same techniques apply? Can I use video in Instant teleseminar and or other web platforms as Go to Webinar doesn’t support it yet?

    Wanting to know how much time to allocate to text, audio, and video respectively as I don’t have the time to do it all (I don’t think). Hope this makes sense! Thanks!

  • Hi Jeff,

    Don’t worry about today, good to hear everything’s OK.

    Will you provide the infdormation and steps in a systemized fashion that will allow me to outsource as much as the work as I would like?


    PS: Here’s a bit of a nudge for those ‘on the fence,’ We’ve heard it before, ‘content is King’ online, and Jeff is giving us the keys to the kingdom here.

    Remember, an article can be the basis for EVERYTHING, from free traffic driving content, to a $20 booka book, $10-200+ continutiy program (i.e. newsletter/interview of the month) a $500 info product, a multi thousand dollar seminar, and even a $10-50 thousand dollar mastermind/caoching program Go Get This Stuff and put it to use!

  • Which video option seems to work best for you in attracting clients – YouTube, video articles or talking head commentary? Thanks.

  • Hi again Jeff. I remember you mentioned Kajabi. How easy is it to upload video and audio to a Kajabi site? I also understand Kajabi provides some marketing tools such a autoresponders and the ability to gather email addresses. How do you find Kajabi to be with ease of use and set up? I can see the huge opportunity for Internet marketers using Kajabi. Thanks.

  • Sorry, are the pages developed for the ‘Repurposing’ sites developed using Kajabi?

  • You mentioned the modifications on the YouTube page. Do these changes require a graphic/web designer to perform? They are great ideas. Thanks.

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