Repurpose Your Article Content – How to Dramatically Increase Your Traffic From the Same Article

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Sure you can get lots of traffic from Article Marketing. But do you know how to dramatically increase your traffic from just one article? Here are some powerful repurposing strategies for doing just that.

More Traffic from the Same Article

There are 2 sources of traffic you want to consistently generate: getting those who have never heard of you to visit for the first time and getting those who have heard of you and may even be on your list to return frequently.

Let’s take a closer look at how to repackage and repurpose the same article to get both types of traffic.

Repeat Visitors

Here are 2 strategies for getting repeat visitors from the same article:

Your blog – Repurpose your article over on your blog and announce it to your email list and on Twitter. You are letting people know you have more free info for them and you are inviting them to return to your blog to get access to it and consume it.

Your email – You can also announce to your email list that you have a new article on your web site or blog or even on the article directories.

First-time Visitors

Article Directories – Get as many articles as you can up on the major article directories. Millions of people visit the main article directories a month, and you want to cash in on that traffic. Plus you get other people’s traffic (OPT) when someone uses your article on their website, blog or newsletter.

Video Articles – Take the very same article and create a video article. Use Camtasia or CamStudio to create a screen capture video of the major points of your article while you talk about them. Then upload it to YouTube which is currently getting two times the traffic of Google.

Do these things only if you want dramatically increased traffic from each and every article.

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