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Over the weeks I’ve shared with you many Sunday Morning Inspirations. This is one of my favorites. I love movies, and these “clips of wisdom” are great.

Check these out and share which ones speak the most to you…

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  • Jeff,thanks for the great clips,all offer great words of wisdom.
    Hard to choose but Will Smith-‘People tend to tell you you cant do things because they can’t’ and Yoda’s last clip resonated with me “No try, do or do not.”

  • I think there’s a trend here… lots of people “favoriting” tiny yet powerful Yoda with his “Do or do not, there is no try!” – I love that his look can be deceiving. He doesn’t look strong, powerful and laser-focused but he’s a master and teacher of same….

    Loved all the clips though!

  • Barbara

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    How can I pick one or two pearls of widom out of a whole necklace of great beauty? Of course I love Yoda and quote the “try” thing in most of my workshops. Love Will Smith too. Perhaps it would be good to play this every morning right after booting the computer! Thanks for putting this together.

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