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jeff herring, article marketingArticle Marketing For Beginners – How to Quickly Create Your 1st 10 Articles (Works For Experts Too)

If you are just starting out in Article Marketing here is how to quickly and easily create your first 10 articles.

And by the way, this also works for more experienced writers and experts.

Your First 10 Articles

If you are serious about creating articles and the traffic that comes with them, then these are the simple steps I want you to follow:

Step 1 – Pick a specific topic in your niche that you know well. The more specific the better.

Step 2 – Make a list of 7 tips you would give to your ideal client about this topic.

Step 3 – For each tip craft 35 – 50 words of explanation on how to use the tip.

You now have your first article. Now here come 7 more.

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Step 4 – Now write a separate article on each tip. Expand on what you began in the first article. Explain the what and the why and give a little bit of the how. This will take you a little bit longer, but the good news is you already began each of these articles in the first article.

Now you have 8 articles – the first 7 tips article and now the 7 articles created from each tip. Seven plus one equals eight, at least where I went to school.

“OK, but where are those other 2 articles Jeff?”

Hang on, here they come.

Step 5 – Think through and identify the most frequently asked questions from your customers and ideal clients about your niche. Identify the top 2 questions. Write an article for each one. This is easy for two reasons – one, the question takes up some of the article, and two, you know the answer to the question.

And there are your first 10 articles.

Bonus Tip – Why couldn’t you do this over and over for multiple topics in your niche? You’ll quickly and easily crank out a lot of articles this way.

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