Re-inventing Your Business – A few case studies and tips…

Re-inventing your business in the new economy can seem like a daunting task. Before you go hide under the bed though, take a look at these examples and tips for re-inventing your business.Domino’s Pizza – The non-reinventionist (just made up that word) would have thought that there was plenty of pizza shops to go around. Not the creative brains behind Domino’s. They did not go for a cheap priced pizza or a better tasting pizza. They reinvented the pizza game by going for the fastest delivered pizza – 30 minutes or less or it’s free. They also set up shop next to college campuses – the folks who want it the fastest and order it the most. The first one I ever saw was about 40 yards from my first Grad School apartment in Tallahassee in 1980. Fast and hot.

Disney – Now this will really date me. We moved to Winter Park/Orlando 6 months before Disney World opened in October of 1971. People were still talking about the crazy folks that had bought up all this swamp land south west of town.

Crazy like foxes.

When Disney first opened in ’71, they did not have one price to get in to the entire park as they do now. Some of you, not most of you, will remember the A – E ticket system, where A tickets got you on things like Dumbo’s Wild Ride, and E tickets got you into the Haunted Mansion (this was before even Space Mountain). They quickly changed this bulky, confusing and inconvenient system into the one price get you into the park system.

But that is not the biggest thing Disney did to reinvent their “amusement park business.” Many people do not know that before Disney, amusement parks had multiple entrances. Disney was the first to create one entrance and exit for all, linked with lots of place to spend more money (gift shops, food shops, etc.)

And the tag line “the happiest place in the world” did not hurt either.

Starbucks – You know, it’s just coffee. I’m biased, because I don’t get it about coffee. Tasted in 5 times in my life, and each time I think “I don’t have a cold, why am I drinking cough medicine?” Then I went and married a lovely Colombian woman, and I now know where each and every Starbucks is around our home north of Atlanta and around our home in San Antonio.

The point is that Starbucks in not about coffee. It’s about an experience and a sense of belonging. It’s a about a third place…home, work, Starbucks. Really fine reinvention there…

NorthPoint Community Church in Atlanta – Created church for people who hate church. Started in a store front with 15 people. Now has 5 campuses in the Atlanta area, with over 25,000 members, the 2nd largest church behind Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston. Strategic Partner churches all over the U.S. Church that is fun and relaxing, and provides sense of belonging. How does such a large church provide a sense of belonging? By emphasizing the importance of moving rows (weekly Sunday service) to circles (small groups that meet away from the church usually in people’s homes.

We lead a small group for 3rd graders, as does 17 year old son Jon, who also belongs to a high school small group. We were part of the first step-family small group, who have become some of our closest friends, and provide an environment of people who automatically “get” our family world.

The reinvention of your business requires 2 challenging tasks:
1) Finding the gap that is not being provided, and
2) Creatively filling that gap.

For example, there are dozens upon dozens of so-called “guru’s out there teaching Article Marketing. New one pops up every week. I like to think of them as my “non-compensated researchers.”

I’m the only one that has gone an inch wide and a mile deep (actually many miles deep) into this niche, which allows me to be the only one that teaches Article Marketing as a complete end-to-end business, starting with Content Creation, and going through Online Visibility, Traffic Generation, List Building, all the way to Product Creation.

And now, the best reinvention story of them all:

Steve Jobs and Apple – A genius who left us way too soon recently at only 56, Steve and Apple were losing the battle for computer dominance to Bill Gates and PCs. So Jobs reinvented the entire computer industry by drastically reinventing the cell phone business and the music business.

I’ve been a so-called die hard PC guy for years. Yet I find myself writing this piece for the Insider Update on a MacBook AIr that I won in an affiliate contest, listening to John Mayer sing “Say What You Need to Say” on iTunes on my iPad, and a few moments ago our oldest on sent me a text on my iPhone…

Now, these are great stories that will remain just stories if you do not look at them through the right lens and then take the right actions.

The Right Lens – Read back over these stories a second time with this question in mind: How can I identify the gap in my market, creatively fill it, and reinvent my business, creating an extra-ordinary business?

The Right Actions – After you get some answers to the question above, pick one action and commit to doing it, or at the very least taking the first step of doing it, before your head hits the pillow tonight…

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    This is an excellent article. Today I intend to find the missing piece in my puzzle. Keep up the great work Jeff.

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    I agree, great article! And timely as I’m feeling like my business needs a big re-invention right now – Julia

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