Rapid Content Creation Strategies – Discover the Two Most Important First Steps

Article Marketing slam dunk works when you do it right. The first two things you need to do are begin and then keep it going.


It sounds so simple, but I would even venture to guess there are people reading this article that haven’t done this yet. Begin.

The best, most productive and most informative way to start is with a seven tips article. Make a list of 7 tips on a topic in your area of expertise, Write 50 or so words of explanation and implementation for each tip. There is your first article.

It all starts there. Quit procrastinating, quit putting it off, next time you sit down to write your first article and you’re tempted to put it off, tell yourself you’ll procrastinate later, and you’ll do it now. Procrastinate about procrastinating, and just get it done now. Start. You’ll find out how easy it can be and how powerful it can be.

Don’t rest on your laurels

Your first article is not your hardest. You know what your hardest article is? It’s your second, because people put so much into getting that first one done and they celebrate and then rest, and rest on their laurels and that doesn’t work so good.

The quote I put out on Twitter this morning was “If you think what you did yesterday was big, then you haven’t done enough today,” by Lou Holtz. Don’t rest on your laurels. Begin to get in the flow. Get in the flow by doing your next article and your next article and your next article, because once you get in the flow if this and you begin to see the benefit, you keep staying in the flow.

The easiest way to keep it going is to go back to your original seven tips article and write a complete article about each tip. This will give you an additional seven articles, and more article ideas as you go.

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