Creating content consistently is a great strategy for bringing in waves of traffic and profit.

The struggle for most folks is the consistent part. Too many people sit down to create their content and wind up staring at a blank screen crying about “writer’s block.”

I don’t want that to happen to you.

So here are 3 strategies for consistently creating all the content you will ever want or need:

Regular creation – This strategy is part mindset and part action. When you take the action of creating content on a regular basis this action changes your mindset.

When you experience the benefits of getting consistent highly qualified traffic coupled with consistent profit, creating content on a regular basis seems so much easier.

Once you have this mindset you will quickly and easily create content on a regular basis. You’ll find yourself looking forward to it because you have experienced the benefits.

Instead of a vicious cycle, you now have a very profitable cycle going on.

In fact, you’ll get to where very few days go by in which you are not creating content.

Use Templates – By now I have consulted with thousands of people, many of whom complain about the pain of staring at a blank computer screen while they struggle to create their content.

If this is you, then I am here to tell you it is not your fault. It really isn’t

It’s just that no one has ever told you how easy and powerful it is to create content using templates. Until now, that is.

When you use templates you have the structure of your article already outlined for you. All you have to do then is fill in the blanks with your information. Imagine being able to look at a template while ideas just spring to mind and you fill in the blanks with your expertise.

Beats the heck out of blank screens.

Speak Your Content – “Write with your mouth, not with your hands.” Every time I hold a teleseminar I’m creating content. Just last week when I was the guest on a webinar, I was creating content.

And I didn’t “lift a finger” to write it.

When you speak your content and then have it transcribed you have created volumes of new content without “lifting a finger” to write it.

You can also speak your content into a recorder and have that transcribed as well.

How’s that for rapid article writing?

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From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy

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